And Yet…

Seen recently on a Free State Just Us Facebook thread:

Now, I’ll confess: I don’t know this guy or anything about his position on trans rights in Maryland.  He could be a supporter now – and he may have been a supporter back in 2001 when Cathy Brennan, Shannon Avery and Liz Seaton championed the anti-trans law.  I don’t know.

But look at the missive from his legislator and look at the reflexive response.

You know that that colloquy is not unique…

about marriage.

But who cared that the legislators who opposed trans-inclusion in 1999 and 2001 and forever and always were voting against our families  (even when those families are families of one)?

Who cared then?

And who cares now?

With painfully few exceptions, it ain’t the people who are already protected under Maryland state law but who are going ballistic over the possibility that the don’t-you-dare-ask-us-to-compromise-and-accept-civil-unions gay marriage bill getting delayed.

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