Half Truths = Full Lies, Part 2

Read part 1, or don’t.  You can probably guess the pattern.

Today we have what its makers will claim is an alert to get people to go to the hearing on March 9, to support HB 235, which would add trans people to the secions of Maryland’s civil rights code dealing with employment and housing.

Yet, is that what the thing actually says?

My first question: Is the hearing actually at midnight? (Okay, that’s not as silly of an inquiry as it may sound.  The hearings on the gay marriage bill have gone on rather late, no?  Now, I wouldn’t show up at midnight without checking to make sure, and, yes, I made a grammatical boo boo when I filled out the anti-235 petition, but…if those who have arrogated to themselves the right to speak for us can’t sort out AM & PM, why should we respect the fake reality that they illegitimately created and its limitations on what is and is not possible regarding trans people and public accommodations?)


In this legislative session, we have a chance to add vital protections to Anti-Discrimination legislation for our transgender community.  Today, members of our transgender community are struggling to survive – 1 in 5 transgender Marylanders have been fired because of their gender presentation and 12 percent have become homeless. In the coming weeks, we can add these vital protections with HB235, the Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act.

Now, however wrote this could claim that it is accurate.  Employment and housing are indeed “vital protections” (granted, they are “vital protections” that Maryland’s Gay, Inc., didn’t really think that we needed a decade ago, but why quibble, eh?), but are these illustrative examples merely illustrative?  Or are they exclusive, connected to the second “vital protections” by “these”?  Or does the second iteration of “vital protections” in that paragraph merely circle back to the first with no limitations? 

And which is the uninformed reader supposed to tak away from the alert?

On Wednesday March 9th, the House Government & Operations Committee will hear testimony on the gender identity anti-discrimination bill. And it’s up to us to come out and support adding gender identity and presentation to the current anti-discrimination laws.

The bolding here is in the original. 

If, in fact, Free State Just Us is wanting people to “come out and support adding gender identity and presentation to the current anti-discrimination laws” (my bolding), then they must be encouraging the HB235-dissenters (which, at this point, would seems to be every trans person in Maryland except one) to show up and demand that HB 235 be converted into a legitimate bill – either by adding trans people to the public accommodations segment of Maryland law or by removing gays, lesbians and bisexuals therefrom.

We know we’re standing up for our community, speaking out for many individuals who haven’t found the avenues to raise their collective voices, and we need you to help us demonstrate the strength of the pro-equality movement in Maryland to every legislator in Annapolis.

Ah yes…”pro-equality”

A nice little chunk of nothingspeak that, I bet, even the moron who is trying to get a fetus to testify at a legislative hearing in Ohio thinks applies to her.

Wednesday’s hearing will help us win these vital protections for our transgender community

Now that we’re at the end of the alert: What are “these vital protections”?

Will you join us and stand up for our transgender community at the Statehouse? Fill in your information below and you’ll hear from one of our organizers with more information.

Well, I encourage everyone to “stand up for our transgender community” (I dunnow…doesn’t this sound a bit like ‘friends’ and ‘allies’ as distinguished from ‘part of the same communitt as us’? ) by RSVP-ing by saying that you will indeed show up to demand that HB 235 be converted into a legitimate bill, be it additively or subtractively.

8 Responses to Half Truths = Full Lies, Part 2

  1. Gwendolyn Spencer says:

    No the meeting is at noon…not midnight. Midnight is 12 p.m.

    Logic tells one that numbers run from one to 12 not 12 to 11. If that’s not enough, check out ante Meridian and post meridian. Ante is prior to the sun reaching it’s zenith at 12 a.m. Post refers to time after the sun passes it’s zenith. Note that one second after noon, is p.m. just as one second after midnight is a.m.

    You can google it or if you are old-school use an encyclopedia, a Webster’s or Funk and Wagnel.


    • Katrina Rose says:

      You can google it or if you are old-school use an encyclopedia, a Webster’s or Funk and Wagnel.

      I’ll be daring and use Wikipedia:

      In the United States, noon is often called “12:00 p.m.” and midnight “12:00 a.m.” With this convention, thinking of “12” as “0” makes the system logical.

  2. Gwendolyn Spencer says:

    Well, I didn’t include wikipedia as an example given that it has a reputation for letting anyone change listings or at least it did the last time I looked.

    As for what is written there, I would like to know when noon officially became 12 p.m. and midnight 12 a.m. in the US. When I learned to tell time way back in the 1950s the schools taught noon as being a.m. and midnight as p.m.

    As for the 24 hour clock, midnight is 2400 not 0000. One minute after midnight is designated 0001. There are 24 hours in a day and 2400 means that the 24th hour has passed. Thus the day is over and starts new as 00:00.01(ad infinitum if you want).

    Since 12 noon means that 12 hours of the day have passed, it is given the ante meridian designation. And since 12 midnight means that 12 hours of the day have passed since the sun reached its zenith, it is logically 12 p.m.

    As for the Wikipedia reference to thinking of midnight as 0 or 00:00, it’s illogical. At 2400 the day ends and the first hour begins. It ends at 1 a.m. when the 60th minute of the day occurs. This indicates that the first hour is over. And so it goes.

    I guess we can agree to disagree.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I’m not sure if ‘agreeing to disagree’ is applicable since this should be in the realm of fact and not opinion. On the other hand, there may not be one set standard – but what I used in the posting is what I was taught and is what I’ve always seen reflected in use.

      And as for standards…

      My standard for acceptability of wikipedia as a source is whether or not the info in question is likely to be the subject of political or religious dispute and, in turn, subject to nefarious entry-changing.

      • laughriotgirl says:

        is this even a debate? 12:00 am = midnight that is when the day starts, it’s why we watch a ball drop when we do on New Years (11:59PM).

        The mind she boggles.

    • Megan says:

      How’s this: set the time on a digital alarm clock to 11:59 PM (we can all agree that that’s one minute before midnight, right?). Now watch as the PM indicator goes off when the time rolls around to 12 midnight.

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