The ‘Rewards’ For Playing Nice

In short, we end up with people picked to speak for us.

Non-trans people, of course.

Non-trans people who are picked to speak ‘for us’ – and allowed to earn a living while speaking ‘for us’ (unlike the people who have to counter the picked-for-us message on their own time and with their own personal resources.)

As Maryland trans attorney (I wonder…is there anyone else out there who that term describes?  Alas, I digress) Alyson Meiselman stated – and practically demanded that I tell people that she stated such:

Lisa Mottet, knowing that the transgendered community in Maryland is NOT unified, participated in drafting legislation without consulting the transgender legal community in Maryland.

My only question is: What – no Liz Seaton this time around?

Personally (and I am not professing to speak for Alyson on this), I’m now leaning in favor of Tom Lang’s real compromise: “amend the current bill to REMOVE L and G from public accommodations also and then at a later time, fight UNIFIED for the inclusion of L, G and T together into public accommodations.”

Gays love compromise, right?

We must compromise (well, on anything except gay marriage), right?

So, gays…PROVE that you are willing to compromise when the compromise involves you, and not just trans people, giving up something.


I hate the sound of crickets chirping in the mid-morning.

2 Responses to The ‘Rewards’ For Playing Nice

  1. Dana Beyer says:

    As I’ve said elsewhere, this bill was written in 2007 and tweaked in 2009. The sponsor this year simply dropped PA when the hostility from her colleagues prevented her from moving it forward. Her Chair told her she would have to withdraw it unless it was truncated.

    Lisa was not part of that decision. The trans community was not consulted, neither before nor after, by EqMD.

    If Maryland residents are willing to act, they have to get involved and speak with their representatives.

    And if someone has fresh ideas how to deal with the bathroom/shower problem, please let me know. As of today, nothing we have done has worked, and the refusal of the committee to consider PA rights is evidence of that.

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