And Now, Back to The John’s Regularly-Scheduled Gay-Marriage-Primacy Hypocrisy

Yes, I agreed with him re: Sarah, Queen of DOMA.

Here, no so much:

Maryland Delegate Sam Arora backstabs gay community & Dem donors because his church got to him

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that many of the 1,200 donors to Sam Arora’s campaign, a lot of whom are my friends, didn’t realize that they were actually giving their money to a religious right bigot.

Arora promised to vote for marriage equality during the campaign, and even sponsored the bill. Now he’s claiming privately that he never intended to vote for it at all. That he’s a born-again and believes in the sanctity of marriage, blah blah blah.

Liar.  And we have the paper to prove it.  He signed the Equality Maryland candidates’ questionnaire on marriage.  He even cosponsored the freaking marriage equality bill


Going back on support for a bill that you’ve co-sponsored means that you’ve “backstab[bed]” the people who would be negatively affected by that bill not passing?


Whole lotta back-stabbin’ goin’ on, eh?

Not that I’ve ever characterized it any differently, of course…

I just find it heartening that The John now agrees with me (but does this mean that The John is backstabbing Chris Crain, Stephen Clark and Robin Tyler????  Is he really Laurel Ramseyer?  Is he really Dominic Holden?  Is he really Ralph the Wonder Tortoise? Tune in for the answer to these and other mind-twisting questions on the next episode of As the Money-Drenched Gay Hypocrisy Turns!)

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