Dear ‘Lurleen’-Defenders: Does THIS Count as ‘Outing’ Too? [UPDATED]

This is an image snap from one of the many posts up at The John’s Joint about Sam Arora:

The list actually goes on much longer; this is just the portion with the top-dollar donors.

Now, I don’t see anything wrong with this in light of donors demanding their contributions to Arora back becoming a big part of the story.


The John (or someone in The John’s collective) dug up that list on a State of Maryland website – a deep, yet publicly accessible, database – and loaded the info onto a front-page post on a widely-read gay political blog.


The John put together public-internet-accessible pieces of information….

About not one but 1,265 individuals….

At least one of whom (and, lets get real, quite likely more than one) may well have been comfortable making a political contribution to some heretofore unknown Democratic state legislator from Maryland but also may well not have wanted the fact of that contribution linked directly to the issue of same-sex marriage even if that was the reason for the contribution to the legislator….


According to the Laurel “Lurleen Blogovitch” Ramseyer standard that Ramseyer and her scrivener and their g(r)eek chorus have ‘established,’ hasn’t John Aravosis just outed a good number of people?

Where are the pitchforks and torches for him?

Oh wait…he’s for ‘all gay marriage, all the time,’ so that makes it okay.

How silly of me to forget the rules.

[UPDATE – 3/4/11]

Seen recently at The John’s Joint:

Gee John, how about wandering over to the Seattle Santorum and explaining that to the ‘Lurleen’-lubbers?

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