Kelli Busey has posted at planetransgender a direct, yet non-abrasive, open letter to Catherine Hyde, the mother of a trans 17-year-old – and the PFLAG mom who ‘Equality’ Maryland has roped into supporting the anti-trans ‘trans’ bill, HB 235.

Now, the title of this post doesn’t refer to Hyde.  I’ve no doubt that Hyde is doing what she thinks will help her child.  Sadly, ‘Equality’ Maryland has conned her, many gays who actually are trans-supportive but who aren’t up on how the law actually works, and – of course – a handful of trans tokens into supporting the as-written HB 235, which will, if enacted, ensure that Hyde’s child and every other trans person in Maryland irrespective of age is permanently ‘othered’ in the eyes of Maryland law, forever negatively distinguished from all of the non-trans LGB kids of all of the othet PFLAG parents there.

So, if the title of this post doesn’t refer to Hyde, then what does it refer to?


‘Equality’ Mayland has, for some time now, been erasing most anti-HB 235 posts from its Facebook page.  The ones I’ve seen prior to scrubbing are not obscene or violent or anything…

well, anything other than willing to challenge the gay-created, trans-subjugating otrhodoxy that Maryland gays want Maryland trans people (and, given the likelihood of it being copied by other states, trans people in other states as well) to have to live under while Maryland gays feast at the everything trough.

It is easy to fall into the trap of ‘Gee Kat, its just a Facebook thread.  How high school of you!’

It isn’t just a Facebook thread any more than the paper being generated within Gov. Scott Walker’s office right now is ‘just’ paperwork.

These are all primary sources.

LGB(T) histories published in years past relied – in addition to communiity and mainstream published sources – upon paper-based archival materials, such as letters, diaries, organizational doscuments and, yes, we’re even into an ear where some histories have gotten into the era where some critical communication happened via e-mail.

Many of these histories have been viciously slanted against trans people; others read as if trans people didn’t exist.  Some in the latter type of historical ‘analysis’ may have resulted from the same animus as those works in the first, but some may have resulted simply from a lack of source material – material that may once have existed, but ended up being destroyed either via carelessness or malice.

Where one is talking about early institutional records of gay organizations, if there were specific anti-trans letters, etc., that may have existed but ended up in the garbage perhaps via concerted effort to de-transphobe the organization’s image for LGB(T) propsperity…..

how can one tell?

Absent witnesses (or carbon copies), one can’t.

But when realtime conversation forums, such as comment sections of blogs or Facebook threads, get scrubbed?  Well, with more time that passes, it certainly is less and less likely that people will notice. 

If, for example, all anti-HB 235 comments (and all other comments referring to them) disappear from ‘Equality’ Maryland’s Facebook page, that organization can point to the illusion reflected in that scrubbed page to claim that ‘the Maryland trans community’ is united behind a bill manufactured by gays to ensure that ‘Equality’ Maryland is able to, with sufficient cover to beat a lie-detector, claim not only that they are somehow distinct from Free State Just Us but also that they’ve gone gack and gotten trans people’ while trans people still nevertheless can be, for all practical purposes, excluded from gainful employment in Maryland.

Of course, if the anti-trans HB 235 becomes law and when someone writes a history – or even a backgrounder passage in a law review article – about it, not only will such an author be buffaloed by whatever mealy-mouthed press release gets issued by ‘Equality’ Maryland but said author, if not a participant in the political process leading yp to the bill’s passage, will also be buffaloed by a fake picture of history that ‘Equality’ Maryland will lave up on Facebook – a timebomb waiting to explode in the form of Stalin-quality ‘official’ history that is as accurate as the smarm that oozes from Megyn Kelly’s mouth on any given day over at Fox ‘News.’

Don’t let it happen.

Whenver you see anything of any historical value out there, screen snap it.  If you can, do a PDF dump of it.  If not for the ability to grab proof of such things, not only would Laurel ‘Lurleen Blogovitch’ Ramseyer been able to get away with what she did within the Pam’s House Blend universe and within the pages of the Seattle Santorum, there would be no proof to counter her (and her scrivener’s) defamatory anti-reality.

Don’t let it happen with what the Maryland con artists are trying to pull.

Trans people in Maryland today are dying because of what Liz Seaton, Cathy Brennan and Shannon Avery got away with a decade ago.  Their form of fake history creation was simply doing their evil and slithering away into highly-paid jobs that no trans people (or, in Seaton’s case, no trans women) are ever considered for and letting the amnesia of the damned do their historical work for them.

Don’t let it happen again.

Challenge ‘Equality’ Maryland’s lying-by-sanitizing online.  Also challenge it in person.  Allegedly, there will be a hearing on Wednesday March 9 on HB 235. 

It looks as though there will be plenty of competition for time from the committe – this being in addition to the persistent chatter about Morgan Meneses-Sheets and ‘Equality’ Maryland maneuvering not only to pack the hearing with supporters of their anti-trans bill but also to prevent any opposing voices from being heard at all.  If you can be in Annapolis at 1PM Eastern Time on Wednesday (not surprisingly, ‘Equality Maryland’ is still saying “12:00 AM“; disinformation?  I don’t know….), be there to make sure that the neo-2001 crowd can’t scrub the legislative record as it is happening.

10 Responses to Homostalinism?

  1. Cathy Brennan says:

    Wow, you’ve really stepped over the edge of sanity with this post: “Trans people in Maryland today are dying because of what Liz Seaton, Cathy Brennan and Shannon Avery got away with a decade ago.”

    You are truly insane. I also find this blog post interesting as you have never taken me up on my numerous offers to talk to you about Maryland queer activism in the 1990s – 2001 in Maryland. So much for “primary sources.” I guess when they get in the way of your bizarre agenda (which seems to be to express your supreme jealousy at people who accomplish things), they serve no purpose. Here’s a link that surely must prove there is some sort of conspiracy: http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/BaltimoreActivists/messages – you do realize that this whole history – our history of passing the 2001 antidiscrimination bill – is archived and public – right?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I think you must be the one who is insane – in addition to being an obnoxious double-talking con artist. You are aware that the yahoogroups archive you refer to has numerous instances of you telling people who took the principled position of opposing the 2001 gay-only bill solely because it created third-class status for trans people that they were taking an anti-gay position and were in bed with the christianist right, right?

      You don’t get to fuck over people and then demand that they act in accordance with whatever you deem is a level of civility that will not wound your sensibilities.

      …your supreme jealousy at people who accomplish things

      My agenda is to forever oppose laws, regulations and thought processes that give people such as yourself the legal right to discriminate against me and people like me.

      My suspicion is that the only people who are jealous of you are those self-important, overpaid, underworked gay and lesbian elite who never wanted trans people in any gay rights laws anywhere, even where such legitimate laws have passed.

  2. In reference to the hearing schedule. Sign up to testify is at 9am. It is suggest to be present EARLY, very EARLY to insure your voice can be heard.

    Additionally, HB 285, the bill Del. Pena-Melnyk introduced, that the National Federation of the Blind wrote a letter of endorsement for, the one which puts teeth into the public accommodations provisions of Maryland’s Annotated Codes 20-302, 20-304, 20-401 and 20-402 respectively, the ones EQMD and Del Pena-Melnyk believe we are unworthy of, was moved to today March 8th, 2011, for obvious purpose of not having its proceedings tainted by the discussion on HB235’s lack of public accommodations.

    Additionally, debate will begin on the floor of the House for SB116, GAY Marriage, on Wednesday, March 9th, so local and possibly national news coverage will be there….

  3. Hey Cathy Brennen! Still think I’m a weirdo?. Now the world knows what you think of trans people Brennen. You are dispicable. Cathy Brennen EQMD Shill thinks Transsexuals are “Weirdos” Have a nice day:)

  4. laughriotgirl says:

    Cathy – I think you intentionally are missing the point of this post. You see, there is a long and glorious history of the cis L/G movement of using trans people and trans identities to promote policies that specifically exclude trans people.

    There is the equally glorious trend with “LGBT” advocacy groups to distance themselves from earlier groups while simultaneously ignoring the damage that was done. The expectation, no the command, is for trans people to forget the past – to move on – to forgive those who sold us out.

    The EQMD/FSJ dynamic is a perfect example. Out of curiosity, how many unemployed trans people did you all use to pass your gay only protections back in 2001? Or did you not present statistics before the legislature when making your case?

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