Scott WalKKKer

Circa 1992:

Okay, so my title is slightly in opposition to what Walker was claiming – that David Duke’s KKK affiliation was too extreme, but the political positions that come along with KKK-ology aren’t all that problematic:

Walker espouses his issues as not extreme, but only condemning his past affiliation with the KKK. Duke’s issues are highly extreme.

Walker to Duke:

The distinction we’re making is not one of saying his issues are extreme, they certainly are not.

Duke, still a regular at the White Nationalist website Stormfront, is a Holocaust denier, among many other things, with very severe issues.




George Wallace always did quite well in Wisconsin….

One Response to Scott WalKKKer

  1. Megan says:

    Jeez…nothing I hear Scott Walker saying surprises me anymore. It may make me hang my head in shame, but he’s just said so much wacky shit in the two months he’s been governor that whatever comes out of his mouth now just doesn’t have the power to shock anyone.

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