From a Metro Weekly piece by Yusef Najafi about the HB 235 hearing yesterday at the Maryland Legislature:

Currently, Baltimore City and Montgomery County provide protections against discrimination on the basis of gender identity with regard to housing, employment and public accommodation. But longtime Maryland activist Cathy Brennan, who supports the legislation to prohibit discrimination statewide, points out that people are often unaware of these local protections.

”It’s not well known that there are local municipalities that already have these protections, and that’s why you need a statewide bill to help raise that awareness,” she said.

Why couldn’t Yusef have at least pretended to be a journalist and asked Brennan why it is that there’s a need for a trans-specific bill in Maryland in the first place?  Or what her position was about how trans-inclusive Maryland law already was in 2001 and how many people who testified yesterday blew holes in that position?  Or what it was that she called people who in 2001 took the principled position of opposing the gay-only rights bill because it left out those who actually most needed civil rights protections?

I’ll post more analysis of the hearing later – I would have live-blogged it, but the video feed kept cutting out on me – but I thought I’d pass along this observation from Alyson Meiselman: “EQMD had the audacity to LIE at the hearing about 2001 legislative session. Twice!”

10 Responses to Slantitized

  1. laughriotgirl says:

    Now Kat, you are going to be accused of being jealous – or something …

  2. Cathy Brennan says:

    You folks are tools and trolls. Does it bother you that you are wildly unsuccessful at life? What is slanted and fake is your inability to actually do research on Maryland politics. But it looks like you and sexy Bianca have a good thing going on, so at the end of the day, I’m happy.

    • Katrina Rose says:


      You haven’t actually substantively addressed anything that anyone here has said.

      Stomping up and down and repetitively declaring that you’re right – not only without producing anything to back up your position but with you actually pointing to material that demonstrates how little you cared about the reality of trans lives and law in 2001 (and calls into question the legitimacy of your seemingly pro-trans sentiments today) and the deviousness of the sophistry that you were willing to employ to convince others that gays getting all they were asking for while leaving trans people with an empty legal theory – only demonstrates that you are a fatuous ass with an Alice Dreger fetish that is in the process of consuming your entire being.

    • Megan says:

      Funny. You, Ms. Brennan, are the only tool/troll I’ve been seeing on this blog. If you haven’t got anything to contribute other than your “you people” rants, just leave.

    • laughriotgirl says:

      Woah now lady!

      OK, lets be clear – I’m a trans woman. What this means is that I TOTALLY obliterated one life so I could take the ashes of that sacrifice and cobble together something else.

      In the process, losing my relationship with my parents and facing nearly daily harassment – at the tender age of 20. While rebuilding my life from scratch, I was able to complete my degree, maintain a relationship with a man, and work 2 steady jobs and sometimes some temp work – just so I could afford my medical needs and stay alive.

      Not to mention the nagging constant challenge to my self-image and the near daily consideration that this was just to hard, to slow a process, and to difficult to see through. The 5-year battle against giving in and giving up.

      Any Goddamn trans woman who draws a breath today is WILDLY SUCCESSFUL AT LIFE. Full stop. Any trans woman who can live in a state that won’t see her most basic ability to function as a member of society is a full-on superhero. When I see a trans woman, I see drive and courage and potential to move mountains that exists in no cis-person – EVER!

      No trans woman fails if she still breaths.

  3. […] has long-championed legal apartheid for all trans people and refuses to address the reality that her legal theories have more holes than an ass factory – a permanent free pass to claim victimhood (that whole […]

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