Oddsmakers, Do Your Thang…. [UPDATED]

Seen just a few minutes ago on Facebook:

The first of Zoe’s comments:

HB235 specifically excludes trans people from the same protections that gays have had since 2001. It gives them a
limited subset, while legitimising discrimination against them in many areas – such as lunch counters, or being allowed to ride a bus, enter a restaurant, or be given medical care at a hospital. In other words, “public accommodations”.

It legitimises inequality, in an attempt to give them at least some minimal rights in credit applications, employment, and housing. A “pragmatic compromise” that strengthens the rights of all other minorities regarding public accommodations, while denying trans people any protection whatsoever.

The second:

Deliberate, legally sanctioned Inequality. 

Now the question: How long will it take for ‘Equality’ Maryland to scrub away that reality-based analysis?


The first screen snap was at approximately 1:30 PM CST – now, the same thread at 5:42 PM CST:


How bad is the scrubbing?

Even Stephen Clark is noticing – and calling it out:

8 Responses to Oddsmakers, Do Your Thang…. [UPDATED]

  1. friday jones says:

    I just checked, and Zoe’s comments have been deleted.

  2. Alyson says:

    Yesterday, they also removed NCLR’s Kate Kendall’s post. What’s next?…
    Talk about disconnected, talk about discrimination, talk about who exactly EqMd represents… the answer is obvious… all those without a brain or will to use it! And, who do we blame for this situation… bottom-up, or, top down… HRC, now to be known as “Historical Revisionist Cronies.”

    • Katrina Rose says:

      And, who do we blame for this situation… bottom-up, or, top down

      Dichotomies, dichotomies, dichotomies…

      Its not either/or.

      Its top-down people who spend more time saying ‘bottoms up!’ than they do working on substantive LGB (much less T) rights concerns.


  3. transgriot says:

    Appeltini? More like Cristal

  4. […] ‘Equality’ Maryland has engaged in massive deception and disgustingly childish (not to mention privilege-infected) censorship in order to con people who might genuinely care about trans people that HB235 will not in the long […]

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