The Real Name of the Real Game: Ten Years Ago

Just to make it clear: I recognize no statute of limitations when it comes to gay participation in the creation of third-class status for trans people. 

I don’t use the word “culmination” if it involves something where there is anything that I feel that there is left to do.

In 2001, Maryland gays got everything that they were wanting to get out of the Maryland Legislature in 2001.  The only ‘compromise’ they made involved the lives of people other than Maryland gays.

Do any of you out there feel that Maryland today is actually a discrimination-free zone?

Do any of you out there feel that the status quo of Maryland law actually sends the message that discrimination is not acceptable in Maryland or in society?

If the answers to those questions are ‘no,’ then you are rejecting the official narrative of official gay Maryland circa 2001 – which begs some questions: If you’re accepting the official narrative of official gay Maryland of 2011, why are you doing so?  Are the lies of today’s official Maryland gays really that much more believable?  Are today’s lies from yesterday’s official Maryland gays really that much more believable?  Or have we become so numb that we can’t feel when we’re being politically sodomized?

Same as it ever was…

Same as it ever was…

Same as it ever was…

Same as it ever was…

But if you’re conned into forgetting about how it was, how will you ever know that how it is is exactly the same as it was?

Anyone who tells you to forget about Liz Seaton and 1999 and Free State Just Us and 2001 has an agenda – and your best interests aren’t on it.

11 Responses to The Real Name of the Real Game: Ten Years Ago

  1. The Transexual Menace says:

    Maryland is the next battleground. We’ll be there.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Please be sure that when you feel the time is right
    that it is not allowed to become a free-for-all against “the LGB”, as if we’re all to blame, as if we’re all back-stabbers.  This “T v. LGB” crap has got to go.  

    Just don’t be mean. — Kate Bornstein
    by: Lurleen @ Fri Mar 11, 2011 at 23:03:33 PM CST

    The LGB vs. T crap indeed must go.

    You go first.

    Stop pushing for marriage in places where trans people don’t have rights that gay people have.

    You know – like what you’ve advocated in several states.

    Until then – your call is just self serving blame the victim crap.

  3. Annie Lane says:

    Maryland is a false front. We have met the enemy and it is us. Look at the representation of the LGB Community in media and in life: capable, funny, intelligent, non-threatening. We are our own worst enemies. The trans community is still in the Burlesque Age. Drag Queens are visible, and the true Trans man or woman who wants to live a happy, successful, productive life is not seen. Employers are not afraid of me. They are afraid Dwayne Johnson will come to work in drag. Oh I forgot. He did.

  4. The Transexual Menace says:

    When we jettison part of our community to become respectable in the eyes of society, we become hypocrites.

    The segments within the LGB community have long argue to jettison all of us to gain their respectability. This is a 20-plus year old battle. The Transexual Menace simply will not abandon valued members of our community so that the rest can conform successfully to social expectations.

  5. Annie Lane says:

    Sorry to say, I understand separating the T from the LGB. We separate race from LGB, We separate Women’s Rights from LGB. We are not the new gender. We are transitioning our bodies from one gender to another to more authentically reflect our spirits. Our problem, at least mine, is that I am so impatient. I’d like yo change genders before my body has done so. When do you change? When you reach that halfway point and start down the other side? Certainly not at the beginning. Then any loony who wanted to screw with their emploer would have carte blanc to do so.

    • Kathleen says:

      And you can see removing non transsexuals – or better put – non passing transsexuals from inclusion.

      Hard to see much daylight between that position and the one this post is calling out.

  6. Kathleen says:

    It’s inexcusable for those whose work and actions stifle your enfranchisement to demand that you be silent and complicit in that process. Though easy to see why they would prefer it that way.

    It’s particularly distasteful from women. The history of hysteria as a diagnosis that only effected women and the medical gatekeepers setting up entire systems of treatment to deny sexual abuse is such an obvious corollary that choosing to support a similar strategy and demonizing trans peoples outrage as hysteria can only be seen as a conscious tactic.

    “Children are never responsible for their sexual abuse, adults are the ones responsible. At the turn of the century, Freud labeled victims of sexual abuse (predominately women) “Hysteric”. ”

    C’mon – you know it’s true. You know you’re trying to say those complaining and speaking their truth are hysterical and preventing them from speaking while you take those actions.

    What does that make you?

  7. genderqueer riff raff says:

    Great Post Katrina and very VERY true. It is dispicable that any person of any status would sell out Human Rights over civil rights. Marriage is not a priority when there are people barely surviving their very existence due to social prejudices both inside and outside the so called community. Gays who would fight harder for marriage , for DADT while we fight side by side and then throw our concerns out the window and our very selves under the bus deserve NO cover. Its a mean business calling em out. Its a dirty job – but somebody has got to do it. thx for keeping us all honest. Yeah it would be nice if we could all sing Kumbya but its not gonna happen for a long time. Its not going to happen until the GayInc gets that assimilation is not a goal worth pursuing in my opinion and that if they shun and sell the Trans people , they shoot themselves in the foot.
    in solidarity
    Riff Raff

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