Pyromania at the Palace

This past week was research time for the Kat.  I was up in the land of Rick Snyder, Paul Scott and other mythical creatures.

Archives, though, tend to be open only during the day – which left me with the task of finding something to do during the evening.  Fortunately, the Detroit Pistons were very accommodating (publicly?  well, it is an ‘M’ state, just not Maryland – but that’s another matter) by being not too hot (pun  intended – as will become obvious) this year, even though I do understand that they do still have a shot at the playoffs.  And Michigan’s neighbor, Ontario, was also rather accommodating by having a team that is even less hot.

And they were both accommodating by scheduling a game at the Palace of Auburn Hills on Wednesday night that inspired StubHub vendors to sell tickets for at a fraction of their face value.


I had a seat sufficiently close enough to the floor that I may actually have suffered chromosome damage from the heat from those flames – and said seat cost me less than it did for me to park my car at the arena.

Note: No endorsement of PNC, Budweiser, Ben Wallace or pyromania should be implied from this post.

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