First ‘Drag Bingo’, Now…

I have a larger version of the image in question, but I have no intention of posting it here.

But, yes, in the midst of ‘Equality’ Maryland allegedly (and I’m being charitable here) fighting to pass a bill that allegedly (and I’m being sarcastic here) protects trans people from discrimination by people who view all trans folk as bearded men in dresses, it appears to have allowed a photo of a bearded man in a skirt to appear on the ‘Equality’ Maryland facebook page – and then, of course, after the organization that doesn’t quite understand why trans people just might find ‘drag bingo’ as an ‘Equality’ Maryland social outing to be offensive began to get called on the carpet (yet again), it went into scrub mode (yet again.)

I think we all know what ‘Equality’ Maryland really is and what it really is doing.

But there are questions that remain.

Is he in any way informed about how HB 235 is nothing but an anti-trans virus that will infect any and all future attempts to pass legitimate trans-inclusive legislation in other states and at the federal level? 

Is he a lumberjack?

Is he okay?

After all, anyone with functioning brain cells knows  that what’s going on in Maryland and being perpetrated against the will and desire of all but a handful of obscenely (purposely even?) out-of-touch trans-oids is not okay.

3 Responses to First ‘Drag Bingo’, Now…

  1. Ashley Love says:

    Our far right detractor’s message to derail our movement is to call us “men in dresses”, so what in heaven’s name could ever possess Equality Maryland to think any good could come of having “men in dresses” as images that would advance our equality?

    This is precisely why we as the transgender and transsexual community need to not let the gay and lesbian community dictate to us, and control our message. They mess up time and time again.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I’m impressed by the political acumen demonstrated by this messaging strategy.

    I may not have much love for them – but you have to respect their “Not My Shower” campaign on purely technical grounds.

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