Seen on Facebook at 10:05 AM CDT

7 Responses to Seen on Facebook at 10:05 AM CDT

  1. Teagan says:

    That might be one of the most brilliant Facebook status comments I’ve ever seen.

  2. Kathleen says:

    The political reality is that SEPTA is a 5 county regional transit authority – it has a board of 12? – only 2 of which are Philly Reps. The others are appointees of suburban counties and of the Gov, house & senate majority & minority leaders. This gives its leadership a distinctly non Philly, suburban & Repub cast.

    The Philly Fair Practices Ordinance does cover public accommodation – and there is a complaint on this issue before the Human Relations Commission. SEPTA has argued they can not be covered by the act for jurisdictional reasons – I think this may be in court right now. But – other Transit Authorities making that claim lost cases earlier this year. I would not be surprised if the pols are seeking to delay the commissions decision. (BTW – the commission Ex Dir is wonderful & served on the board of OutFront! with me when we succeeded in adding gender identity to the law – under her leadership – a revision to the ord was just signed today that strengthened the law – particularly for lgbt folks – I just got back from the signing ceremony)

    So- the Board appointees are political hacks who have no interest in touching the issue as they perceive it not playing well in the burbs. And frankly – many of them are their as it’s a compensated board and opens – ahem – quite a few business opportunities.

    And I’m sure the board hoped it could just sweep it under the rug and it would go away. It won’t.

    But – really – how much is spent on hundreds of thousands of stickers for these passes? How many staff hours are used to affix a sticker for each customer as the come up to the counter? Couldn’t those funds be better used to improve rail service and keep fares from needing to be raised?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      how much is spent on hundreds of thousands of stickers for these passes?

      This is a serious question: Has anyone checked into whether or not one (or more) of the SEPTA Board members has any financial interest in, say, an office supply business that sells such stickers?

  3. Kathleen, where can we find the text of the new Ordinance?

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