If its an Effort to Undermine Trans Progress, You Can Bet There’s a Gay Marylander Behind it

And so, apparently HB 235, the Maryland trans bill that no trans people who actually need the practical protections of civil rights law actually want, has been ramrodded through the House Health Government and Operations Committee with amendments.

And yet…

The people in Maryland who will be permanently othered by the bill – not to mention the people in other states who will be othered by the doubtlessly-already-planned carbon copies of this monstrosity – cannot actually access the live language that is being forced down their throats (and every other orifice) against their will.

Would Maryland gays have tolerated this secrecy about the gay-only rights bill in 2001?  The gay marriage bill now?

According to the transphobic pieces of garbage who do business as ‘Equality’ Maryland:

 The deadline to pass bills out of the House is Monday, March 28th. Will you contact your Delegate today?

Indeed – call all Maryland Delegates and Senators today.  Tell them in no uncertain terms to KILL THE BILL!  No one other than the same gay elitists (and their successors-in-interest) who engineered special rights for themselves a decade ago (by lying to the legislature; be sure to emphasize that – and provide the details of exactly how they lied about trans ‘coverage’ then and have been lying about trans homeless shelter coverage now) wants this diseased turd to do anything other than die.

But, when there’s trans-marginalization to be done, rest assured that it isn’t just the usual Maryland suspects who are afoot.  Look who’s pimping ‘Equality’ Maryland’s dirty work now:

A trans-othering orgy wouldn’t be complete without her.

4 Responses to If its an Effort to Undermine Trans Progress, You Can Bet There’s a Gay Marylander Behind it

  1. Kathleen says:

    Am I reading that correctly? They are excluding dress and grooming standards from the bill?

    So – you can discriminate against transgender people …..if they’re trans in any way?

    Look – if you think you’re an ally and keep trying to tell a community what they should accept even if they don’t want it – take a deep breath – STFU – and get out of the way. You’re not being an ally.

    Really – it’s not about you. It’s not about what you find acceptable. I know – it’s hard to believe ’cause you know you’re so wonderful and all – but we don’t want you to be a leader for us. Go ahead and support what we decide. Don’t presume to make those decisions for us.

  2. Teresa Reeves says:

    Maryland HB 235 is A Bill Fit to Kill

    As HB 235, the “Trans” Rights Law that refuses to “accommodate” us slithers its way through the Maryland House, a Monday deadline approaches & two-faced Seattle/ Equal Rights Washington sockpuppet / carpetbagger Lurleen Blogovitch / Laurel Ramseyer keeps her eyes on the Big Gay prize!

    Can you hear the hissing serpents as they speak with forked tongues about sheltering homeless trans people?

    And the only people who will really know what it all means are the trans-identified who will be homeless tonight in Maryland and whether anyone will have the human decency to let them in regardless of this travesty of this bill!

    It is bad enough that we criminalize homeless people. To treat homeless people like criminals is a crime against humanity. But for any law to subject us to a debate about whether or not we are sufficiently human enough to be entitled to dignity and safe shelter is an abomination. And if any of us should be turned away and subjected to illness, injury, violence and death on the street alone out in the cold at night– then let our oppressors face judgment for the violation of our Human Rights that they had codified into law without conscience.

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