I Guess HRC Has Exclusive Rights to the Phrase “Discrimination-Free Zone,” Eh?

Seen recently on Facebook:

Morgan Meneses-Pinochet ain’t no Lizzy Birch:

But 2011 is just another 2001 – only with more scrubbing.

At 8:02 AM CDT:

And now at 9:06 AM CDT:

Memo to ‘Equality’ Maryland: Erasing reminders of Maryland’s history of gay transphobia doesn’t mean that you actually give a shit about whether real trans people live or die.

It only proves that you’re precisely the caliber of transphobic gay con artists that trans people presumed you to be from the outset of this travesty.

And erasing proof that you’re willing to employ amateurish sophistry in order to con people into thinking that HB 235 is good for trans people doesn’t mean that your IQ is higher than anr (or all) of the Kardashian sisters.

 It is fascinating to hear how passionate folks are about passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in Congress (jobs only) and in Maryland a bill that has employment AND job protections gets skewered by a some of the community.

It only means that you’re too stupid to erase the comments that demonstrate most clearly just how incompetent you are and how stupid you think the rest of the LGBT populace is.

4 Responses to I Guess HRC Has Exclusive Rights to the Phrase “Discrimination-Free Zone,” Eh?

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  2. […] – maybe you should have been listening to the people who, as soon as Queen Elizabeth III declared Maryland to be a “discrimination-free zone” in 2001, warned that the next Maryland issue for Gay, Inc. was going to be gay marriage, not basic rights […]

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  4. […] I Guess HRC Has Exclusive Rights to the Phrase “Discrimination-Free Zone,” Eh? […]

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