Disinformation Station

Memo to any Maryland legislator who still is considering believing anything that ‘Equality’ Maryland has to say about, well…, anything:

The ‘memo’ isn’t the text in that image.

Rather, its the fact that that paragraph (or at least the final fifteen words of it) is still on ‘Equality’ Maryland’s website on the last day of March in 2011 – many weeks after (1) Sandy Rawls barfed up the kool-aid and realized that HB235 is not the caliber of bill that she actually wants to see enacted in Maryland, and (2) ‘Equality Maryland became aware that Sandy had barfed up its Kool-Aid 235 isotope.

One last thing…

I’m curious…

Does pointing out this act of disinformation by a gay organization make me homophobic? Or defamer-phobic? Or just HTML-programmer-phobic?

Inquiring non-bugs want to know.

4 Responses to Disinformation Station

  1. Its extremely critical for the larger public to know the truth about “equality” Maryland. They begun the HB235 campaign by trying to keep it a secret not informing the transgender community of its first “transgender meeting”. After the cat got out of the bag they held one more meeting in which detractors of HB235 were shouted down. Then they canceled the following “meetings”.

    The policy of shouting out people who objected was also followed by the lead sponsor of HB235 as she called me and screamed at me for twenty minutes after I called her aid.

    “equality” Maryland a gay organization of mainly white people is trying to bulldoze the transgender community over again by getting there membership to mass email and call swarm the legislators who object to HB235.

    Keep the faith dear Senators. We believe in you.

    Kelli Busey
    Fort Worth Texas

  2. TransGriot says:

    And this is what Sandy had to say in terms of why she withdrew her organization’s support


  3. Cathy Brennan says:

    It’s down now, as it should be.

    Kelli, once again, amazing how you know all of what you know from Texas. Looking forward for your plans for Maryland next year.

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