I Suppose that if Johnny Finnegan Jumped Off the Empire State Building, You Would Have to Jump Off the Empire State Building?

Apologies to George Carlin, but the title of this post is how I have to preface the following question to my students and/or anyone who might at some point in the future be evaluated on their use of the English language:  If the cool kids all start to use the word “ask” as a noun, are you going to start using the word “ask” as a noun?

An Open Letter — With An Ask Of Sen. Brian Frosh

Two remarks in defense – one:

It’s been for quite a while. I believe it developed in fund raising circles

And, two:

I deal with fundraisers & 501(c) orgs staffers and they use the term “ask” as a noun. I’m using their terminology in the way they use the term.

Because we all want to ensure that we’re seen as fundraisers first, and human beings second, eh?

Memo to my students: If you use the word “ask” as a noun, I’m counting off for bad grammar – irrespective of how much fundraising you may have done.

Memo to myself: Check to see if someone connected with HRC trademarked the noun “ask.”

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