Space: The Final Frontier of Deception?

Actually, Space:1999…NOT! might have been appropriate as well, given how disastrous that series was and that 1999 was when Maryland’s gay elite blew trans people out of the orbit of ‘their’ statewide civil rights bill. 

I guess I could have also gone with The Twilight Discrimination-Free Zone.

However, I’ll stick with the Trek pastiche.


Do you see anything there spelling out that those “gender identity protections” – those “vital protections” – included in HB235 do not include “public accommodations”?

You know…

The area of civil rights that covers non-housing-specific space?

Now, there were three more paragraphs to that page, with the first mentioning the categories included in the bill:

CLICK HERE to send a message to Governor O’Malley asking him to encourage the Senate to give HB 235 a fair hearing and enable job and housing protections for transgender citizens.

In 9 Days, the 2011 legislative session ends.  Don’t wake up on April 12 asking yourself those “what if” questions.  Ask Governor O’Malley to intervene in this political game NOW – and revive HB 235. 

We should not allow another year to go by without providing these protections. Please, stand with me today.

(Please, I hope you didn’t think that I’d have the link active here – did you?)  Now, I can actually agree with one sentence of that, namely: “Don’t wake up on April 12 asking yourself those ‘what if’ questions.”

Yes, don’t do something stupid by encouraging actions which will enable the monstrosity of HB235 to become law and then, afterward, wakeup with a reality that can’t be gnawed off – because it will follow you wherever you go….

in Maryland and in every other state that will copy the neo-trans-othering philosophy embodied by HB235.

What if those trans people – including the ones from outside of Maryland and who aren’t either shilling on an InsidersOut blog or getting a paycheck to produce some quasi-positive, gay-ish result of some sort for the organization cutting those checks but who do have a track record of honest and ethical legal, political, and historical analysis related to transphobic gay legislative agendas and who have the been providing you with the primary sources to judge for yourselves whether the same devious anti-trans element of Maryland that made themselves legally superior to trans people in 2001 isn’t just pulling the same trick in 2011 – are right?

Do you want to wake up and find out that you helped the same forces who gave New York its transphobic SONDA blueprint for 2002 to both give New York a ‘not my shower’ FAKE-GENDA blueprint for 2012 and to give St. Barney his final rhetorical tool to make the ‘N’ in ENDA stand for ‘not my shower’?

Ask why ‘Equality’ Maryland would conspicuously use the word ‘space,’ (1) given the long history of gays declaring the state to be “discrimination-free” while discrimination against trans people was still fine-n-dandy, (2) given the absence of the largely spatial concept of “public accommodations” in HB235, and (3) given that the page is set up to, prior to ever addressing the specifics of HB235, encourage the reader to hit a link to go to the following page?

Any specifics there about what HB235 does – and does not – include?

None – just the oblique description of HB235 as a “first step,” something that, someone just coming into the discussion, might not understand is what ‘Equality’ Maryland feels is acceptable ‘truth in advertising’ about a bill that will maintain the legal superiority of gays and lesbians over trans people under Maryland law, but ostensibly limit it to public accommodations and will not, contrary to ‘Equality’ Maryland’s blanket claims, guarantee trans people access to homeless shelters (and, do keep in mind that not even ‘Equality’ Maryland is claiming that it will provide access to gender-presentaion-appropriate shelters.)

Stand up for fairness indeed.

Tell ‘Equality’ Maryland to stop the lies and deception.

3 Responses to Space: The Final Frontier of Deception?

  1. TransGriot says:

    Cue Rep Joe Wilson’s ‘You Lie’ video

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