Vote For JoAnne Kloppenburg on Tuesday!!!!

Go back and watch this.

Then vote.

“why should I care? I don’t live in Wisconsin?” It’s a fair question. The problem is that Walker’s extremism is spreading like Ebola and it threatens the rights of every working family in the United States.

Ohio Tea Party convert Governor John Kasich has already signed into law Senate Bill 5, which dramatically reduces the power of unionized state workers, including firefighters and teachers. And that’s just for starters

Still Not Convinced?

Gov. Paul LePage (R) of Maine, who recently pulled down a mural which depicted working class people because hard working people must terrify him and his Republican legislators, who are trying change child labor laws laws which would make it legal to increase the amount of hours a child can work and decrease their hourly wage to 5.25 an hour for the first 180 hours.

Are you almost there?

Florida Tea Party Governor Rick Scott just signed an executive order requiring new state workers to submit to mandatory drug testing which could cost the state millions of dollars. Oh, isn’t every state in financial trouble right about now hence all these radical steps to cut costs all over the country?

What’s next, maybe drug testing five year old’s if they cry too much in school? And guess what? There happens to be a company in Florida named Solantic and one of the most popular services they provide is drug testing and guess who co-founded it? Yep, Rick Scott. (Sure, he had to divest his interests in it to be Governor. But wouldn’t you know it — the controlling shares are now are now entrusted to his wife.) No conflict of interest there, right?

I could go on and on. but I know you’re in now.

So please, GOTV for Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg; defeat Conservative Justice David Prosser and be at the forefront of leading America[] back on the track to normalcy before we’re all forced to wear “I Love The Koch Brothers” t-shirts.


Vote the corporation-owned ‘judges’ out of office!


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