Scott Walker to Working-Class Wisconsinites: Let Them Eat Stale, Mutated Ejaculate

Or, perhaps more accurately, let them not eat at all so that the stale, mutated ejaculate of rich Republican campaign donors can avoid ever having to look for work in the raped-by-rich-Republican-campaign-donors economy.

And no, technically, he didn’t say either version – but, of course, that’s the message that his actions have conveyed to real people in Wisconsin.

Now…advantage, Wonkette! This, from Ken Layne, somewhat speaks for itself:

The short, meteoric rise of some drunken loser flunk-out has come to an end, despite his dad being a wealthy GOP construction-industry lobbyist who demanded Scott Walker’s new administration hire up all the rich white Republican drunken loser flunk-out kids at $81,500 annual salaries. Brian Deschane, 27, was given the sweet job because his daddy gave Scott Walker $121,000 to run for governor. But then the mean old liberal newspaper wrote about young Deschane and his two DUI convictions that not even his daddy could make go away with a check to the judge, and then the socialists all started blogging it, and then Deschane got a demotion back to his previous sweet job, making $64,728 a year, also for nothing more than being the unemployable result of one of Scott Walker’s corporate donors ejaculating into a woman’s vagina some 28 years ago.And now, the adult-child has “resigned” from this job….

And that’s the last we’ll hear of Brian Deschane … until he reaches age 30 and is eligible to run for the U.S. Senate.

Gotta love the ejaculation smack; sounds like Ken Layne mat have had Bill Hicks cranked up on the old IPod yesterday.

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