…No One Was Really Poor – At Least No One Worth Speaking Of

[Apologies to Douglas Adams]

Joelle Ruby Ryan on the meta-narrative of HB235-infected Maryland:

When Maryland added sexual orientation as a protected category, gays and lesbians did not have to settle for a piece-meal approach.  Further, the same Gay Inc trans-haters bitch and moan about how civil unions are not on par with marriage and how only marriage is good enough and equal to what the heteros have.  BUT when it comes to the trans folks under their thumbs, we can settle for bullshit laws and ill treatment.  The reason for this hypocrisy is simple.  They do not see us as equal to them, and they never have.  The fact that T comes at the end of GLB(t) is no accident.  There is a reason Julia Serano named her book Whipping Girl.  Because trans people, especially trans women, us evil bogeywomen who will accost your children in the nearest restroom, are a convenient scape-goat.  And Equality Maryland, and the sponsors of the bill, and their trans collaborators, are colluding with the notion that trans women are predators and nefarious threats to public safety.  They are colluding with the idea that trans people deserve crumbs rather than full equal rights on every basis.  Those of us who speak out against this lavender betrayal will be called homophobes, militants, crazies and more.  I say: bring it!  Because we are not going away.  And we are not shutting up.

My only real qualm with Joelle is the verb tense of the next-to-last sentence.  Perhaps “will be” should be there, but it should also include “have been” and “are.”  Just regarding Maryland, they’ve been at it for over a decade; Cathy Brennan simply is the loudest, most obnoxious of the bunch – and the one with the most obvious internet paper trail.

As I wrote, though, in the comments section at Joelle’s Transmeditations:  Gay, Inc. has learned well – and from the best of the scam artists: Wall Street. Gambling is a rush indeed when you can do all of it that you want and the money at risk isn’t yours.  They perpetually gamble with trans lives via the perpetual lie of ‘incremental progress’ because it doesn’t diectly affect them negatively.  They gamble; they lose our ability to be politically viable; we have to pay the reality bookies; they keep getting their paychecks from Gay, Inc.

Morgan Meneses-Sheets’ life is in no way negatively affected by the gay-created, separate-and-unequal status quo of Maryland’s post-2001 civil rights structure.  She and her ilk can access the Maryland administrative and court system to redress acts against them that they feel may have been because of their sexual orientation – and they implicitly benefit from the fact that they can do so even if the act in question was committed by a trans person but, when the positions are reversed, a trans person can only do so in part of Maryland and even then has only been able to do so since 2007.  In short, if gays and lesbians in in part of Maryland now (and from 2001 to 2007, all of it) want to, they can discriminate against trans people in employment, housing and public accommodations – and even if they don’t but find themselves accused of it, all they have to do is say that there is no such cause of action.

Morgan Meneses-Sheets’ life will in no way be negatively affected by the gay-created, neo-separate-and-unequal statusof Maryland’s civil rights structure under an enacted HB235.  In all likelihood, she will continue to receive a paycheck from ‘Equality’ Maryland (and I stand by my assertion that office space on Rhode Island Avenue awaits her.)  She will continue to enjoy public accommodations protections throughout the state of Maryland.  And she wil implicitly benefit from the legislative history behind HB235 – legislative history which will indicate that the State of Maryland adopted by omission the ‘not my shower’ narrative – thereby furthering the public distance from herself (as well as her class) and the people who her funders never wanted in the gay rights mix anyway.


Who is the biggest loser in all of this?

Bernie Madoff.


If ‘Equality’ Maryland can – as it has been doing – con people into believing the ‘HB235 is better than ENDA’ scam, then I’m sure Bernie will be saddened that he didn’t ever manage to get ‘Equality’ Maryland on his team.  If ‘Equality’ Maryland can get away with the  ‘HB235 is better than ENDA’ scam, then they could have prevented Bernie’s scam from ever falling apart.

For the time being, though, the trans people who are not so overly-privileged as to not actually have to worry about public accommodations protections have just a day left to kill HB235.

We can do it.

Don’t let our enemies – and the quislings – win.

Tell them, in no uncertain terms: So long, and no thanks for the incrementalism!

HB235 must die!

16 Responses to …No One Was Really Poor – At Least No One Worth Speaking Of

  1. Cathy Brennan says:

    And with every deranged blog post you write, you and your ilk seem more and more – wait for it – threatening!

    You use terms like “Internet paper trial” like we tried to hide anything in 2001.


  2. Cathy Brennn says:

    And with every blog post you and your ilk seem – wait for it – more and more threatening!

    You use words like “Internet paper trail” like we tried to hide anything on 2001.

    You and Alyson Meiselman are lawyers for god’s sake – you bear responsibility for not litigating these issues in Maryland.


  3. Alyson Meiselman says:

    @ Cathy Brennan,
    You are a bigot! A manipulative trans-phobic lesbian liar. And, not much a human being! Go crawl under a rock where you and those that think like you belong. You haven’t litigated anything in Maryland of any note, or value. Until you do, STFU! I have, and have won! So, as for fools, you are it, looser!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      In case anyone wants to verify the bona fides of Ms. Meiselman, please see In re Heilig, from the Court of Appeals of Maryland in 2003 (372 Md. 692; 816 A.2d 68).

      And in case anyone wants to, well, you know…

      Maryland Lexis search for “Catherine M. Brennan”: No Documents Found

      Maryland Lexis search for “Catherine Brennan”: No Documents Found

      Maryland Lexis search for “Cathy Brennan”: No Documents Found

      Maryland Lexis search for “Brennan” AND “Hudson Cook”: No Documents Found

      • Kathleen says:

        My God! You threatened to actually…..say something!

        Her nickname wants specificity – cockroachbrennan?

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Even worse…

        I actually thought something – and verified the accuracy of the thought – before I said it.

    • Cathy Brennan says:

      Alyson –

      It’s sad to see how you have destroyed your law practice and your credibility. I feel very, very sorry for you.

      Best wishes to you,

  4. […] of redress when discriminated against when seeking employment at Maryland law firms – “bear responsibility” to prove up the viability the insane legal theories put forth in 2001 by Maryland’s […]

  5. Kathleen says:

    You Bastard!

    The roach is a buffoon

  6. Cathy Brennan says:

    The Internet Brave, how admirable they are.

    Katrina, I look forward to the day when you actually develop the courage to say these things to me in person.

  7. TransGriot says:

    Be careful what you wish for, Cathy.

  8. Angela Lopez says:

    well for one if transgender people cant have rights neither should gay people in my mind. for 2 cathy you are wrong because in all reality lesbians are actually men trapped in a females body yes they are, also you should not be making threats just because your a lawyer dose not mean shit best believe that hunny. My father is a Supreme Court Judge on the state of Florida in all reality you cant do anything if a person makes a threat back at you. All in all you have no right to talk about Hermaphrodite people your are a lezbo hunnie stick to being a lezbo. No doctor should make a choice for intersexed people it’s just not right. Me and my twin sister both was born hermaphrodites and i dare a hoe to sit here and tell my mom or dad they are wrong for not making a decision because all in all my mother carried me and my twin for 9 months it would hurt her and my father to loose kids they made the wrong choice for so they let us decide for our selves. That is not your fucking say so to go against a doctor on how a baby should be grown up with its the babies choice and i grow up in a family who hates gays even LESBIANS. so as i said before you have no right to say trans people should not have rights because if they cant you shouldnt be able to either hunnie. I just hate fags like you who think your better than another sex be a woman and marry a man dont be a damn lesbian if you cant support other gays in their choice making bitch. Gays are suppose to be there for one another not be against them and thats what you are doing you are against them. As i said before i can give 2 fucks if your a lawyer whats a lawyer to a supreme court judge baby girl ooops i mean baby boi because thats what you are you are a man in disguise, God wanted you a woman so be a fucking woman hunnie. I may have been born with both sexes but i know who i am i am a woman was born one have it on all my records havnt had any surgeries and i love the way i look and i wont have you or any one else tell me other wise. So stop being a hater, flamer, procrastonator and be fucking real with your self you sound dumb saying trans women shouldnt have rights. Thats not your call to say that and to be honest your just mad transsexuals would look hell of alot better than you can ever look. So get real and get on a real womans level because right now your just a fucking kid.

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