Do Not Blame Trans People For The Fact That, At Midnight, Maryland Will Have No Statewide Trans Protections – Part Two (Or: I Hate The Smell of Sockshillpuppetry In The Morning)

Seen recently on Facebook:

While I have heard that there was one current Maryland legislator who said something about what happened in 2001, I’ve still yet to see one LGB person who was complicit in the duplicity and deception which resulted in the construction of Maryland’s 2001 gay-only rights law “act honorably by stepping forward and taking full responsibility” for the unemployment, homelessness and lack of access to public accommodations of trans and gender-non-conforming Marylanders that has occurred since 2001.

And, ummmm….

“Taking full responsibility” does not mean simply saying “It was regrettable.”

“Taking full responsibility” does not mean simply saying “All rights are gained incrementally.”

In fact, “taking full responsibility” does mean acknowledging that  all rights aren’t gained incrementally because Maryland’s gays got everything that they were seeking in 2001 – including the political subjugation of Maryland’s trans populace – and the word “compromise” was not in their vocabulary in 2011 where marriage was concerned.

In fact, “taking full responsibility” also means going on the record fully, openly and under oath about the lies, deception and backroom deals that led to Maryland’s political hate crime of 2001.

And, “taking full responsibility” also means acknowledging that trans people most need civil rights protections in order to be able to seek redress against discrimination by gays and lesbians – because “taking full responsibility” also means acknowledging that gays and lesbians would never fight so hard to keep trans people out of gay rights bills unless they want to ensure that they themselves are able to discriminate against trans people – particularly trans women.

NGLTF ‘trans expert’ scoreboard.

HRC trans employment scoreboard.

6 Responses to Do Not Blame Trans People For The Fact That, At Midnight, Maryland Will Have No Statewide Trans Protections – Part Two (Or: I Hate The Smell of Sockshillpuppetry In The Morning)

  1. Ashley Love says:

    Thank God for you truth tellers

    Katrina, Thanks for keeping the non-gay-washed and accurate history alive.

    Laurel “sockpuppet troll” Ramsmeyer has this odd and malicious vendetta against the transsexual and transgender community. She shows up every under TS/TG related article or blog entry and attacks those of us who question Gay Inc’s “mishandling” of us. Why does she call TS/TG activists “homophobic” for simply not wanting to be thrown under the bus by the gay establishment? It’s genius of her, actually. She knows how to confuse the issue. By her calling TS/TG people who are calling out transphobia in the gay community “homophobic”, she creates a stigma against all those who question the Gay Inc narrative that’s she’s enrolled to oversee. It’s like calling someone who just got punched a “puncher”. Of course, those with a shred of intellect see her as the dishonest derailer that she is, but many apologists and blind transphobes actually buy her hogwash

    Well, Laurel, I know you’re reading this: You ain’t fooling no one, dear. Stop cyber bulling our community. And stop twisting the facts. Why must you insist on attacking our resistance? Don’t we deserve human rights? Your tranphobia is transparent.

  2. zoebrain says:

    Katrina, Ashley.

    A question for you. A completely ridiculous hypothetical, would never happen…..

    If, say, Cathy Brennan wrote to you and said “I now see all my work over the last decade has been for nothing. I screwed up in 2001, and every year since then, and I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO. There’s been too much bitterness, and a lot of that is my fault….”

    If she made a genuine attempt to be a helper, not a leader, to listen to advice not dictating others opinions for them….

    Could you work with her?

    A silly hypothetical of course. Would never happen. But could you do that, if it meant a win? If it meant Trans Women of Color had a real leadership role in at least one truly GLBT group?

    Could you forgive the unforgivable, in order to attain your goal?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      The abstract answer to your legitimate question insofar as an abstract person in Brennan’s position would be ‘yes.’

      I hesitate, however, to say ‘yes’ regarding any specific person – particularly any specific person about whom I have heard much (from a source I consider as reliable as any that could exist) to indicate that what one has seen of Brennan’s expressed views during the years of development of Maryland (anti-)trans law is a DNA-level mindset.

      • Kathleen says:

        I hope that those who worked to stifle trans rights in MA to pursue marriage will take responsibility yada yada

  3. TransGriot says:

    That has as much chance of happening as Joe Solmonese admitting he lied at the 2007 SCC.

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