Legitimizing Janice Raymond-ism

From Planetransgender:

A planned conference of the most horrific anti transgender ‘experts’ has got the London Transgender community up in arms!

Hosting the conference the Transcultural Special Interest Group a component of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Mental Health Special Interest Group, Royal College of Psychiatrists which offers this mission statement:

Well, even without reading further, you should have an alarm going off because of what isn’t included in the name of the special interest group.  But…

“TSIG supports policy and practise to improve the care of socially excluded and marginalised groups where culture is influential in the expression and management of mental distress. We also need to continue work in teaching, training and curriculum development to ensure that cultural competency remains an essential component in the assessment of the clinical competencies of all psychiatrists”

Forsooth!  That actually sounds relatively harmless!

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Who is one of the speakers at the morning session of this ‘conference’?

Julie Bindel!

You know….this Julie Bindel:

[T]hose who “transition” seem to become stereotypical in their appearance – fuck-me shoes and birds’-nest hair for the boys; beards, muscles and tattoos for the girls. Think about a world inhabited just by transsexuals. It would look like the set of Grease.

Think about a world where Julie Bindel and those like her have real input as to which people are – and are not – allowed to live their lives as they wish.

It would look like a bunch of transphobic psychopaths wearing nothing but MichFest wristbands, laying around masturbating to an image of Mary Daly’s rotting corpse while a recording of Alix Dobkin reading The Transsexual Empire blares from loudspeakers on every streetcorner.


And just as I was posting this piece initially I was alerted to a post at Uncommon Sense, which consists of e-mail correspondence regarding the aforementioned ‘conference.’  It seems as though either ‘Equality’ Maryland took spin lessons from the conference organizers or vice versa.

The entire colloquy is illuminating, but one e-mail in particular, from Deborah Hart, Director of Communications and Policy, Royal College of Psychiatrists in London, to Natacha Kennedy includes this glob of nothingspeak:

I am contacting you in my capacity as Director of Communications at the College. Liz Fox passed your enquiry to me as you had asked that it be referred to her line manager.

I note that considerable email discussion that has been ongoing since your initial enquiry. We have passed your enquiry to the organisers of the conference as you have requested, although I cannot guarantee that they will be willing to continue this debate.

The College is involved in organising numerous conferences about a wide range of issues. Any opinions expressed by individual contributors at these meetings are the personal opinions of those contributors and cannot be taken to represent the views of the College.

Luckliy, the first commenter to that post summarizes:

My reading for their response is it’s only a drop in the ocean of their work, one they don’t consider very important. They seem to fail to grasp that they are fucking with the well being of trans people.

My only real surprise in all of this is that Alice Dreger isn’t also on the bill.

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