Well, When They See That Even The Gay Rights Industry Has All But No Use For Trans Women As Employees, What Do You Expect?

Expect this to be used by the usual Maryland suspects against the trans opponents of HB235:

Maryland State Senate President [Mike Miller] believes granting employment protections trans women is “anti-family”, and believes his legislative peers don’t want trans women working in their offices — that’s on the record.

But we cannot lose the spin war.  We must point this back at those who have given Miller’s “legislative peers” license to have this attitude: The Gay Rights Industry™.

What would Miller’s “legislative peers”  have seen in terms of the Gay Rights Industry’s™ opinion of trans people overall (much less trans women) as employee material back in 2001?  And is the Gay Rights Industry’s™ actual opinion of us really any better now?

Was the NGLTF mouthpiece who testified in Maryland for HB235 this year as an expert on trans issues a trans person?

Do not tell me that even the most transphobic of legislators can’t put two and two together; so you have to be willing to acknowledge that fence-sitting, non-psychopaths can do the same math.

8 Responses to Well, When They See That Even The Gay Rights Industry Has All But No Use For Trans Women As Employees, What Do You Expect?

  1. Zoe Brain says:

    Katrina – we’re going to have to work together on this, you know. Yes, even with former Gay,Inc apologists.

    We need your incisive legal mind to make sure there’s no legal BS, as there has been in the past. You won’t let anything like that get past, you’re one heck of a lawyer.

    Here’s what I wrote on Dana Beyer’s FB page.

    I have an idea.

    Why doesn’t everyone blame me? After all, I’m not just not a resident of Maryland, I’m not even American. I’m blatantly interfering in your internal affairs, I’m the first to admit I have zero knowledge of the way things are …done, undone, or not done in Maryland politics.

    I’m white, privileged, not even technically Trans for that matter. All I have are observations from a distance of the National US picture, in the context of International struggles, and what I’ve observed here in Canberra, Australia’s capital, with both Federal and Territory factional politics. “Ignorant” doesn’t begin to describe it.

    If I can be a lightning-rod that everyone can agree to hate, misconstrue, and denigrate, but it gets you all working together without hurt feelings limping around and making messes on the carpet, then for goodness’ sake, go ahead.

    Because you *are* going to have to work together you know. Even if you hate each others’ guts.

    Dana, we need Ashley’s passion, and her theatrical presence and ability to stir the masses. Charisma and obvious sincerity. Looks shouldn’t matter. They do.

    Ashley, we need Dana’s unparalleled knowledge of Maryland politics, her keen intellect and even more keen instincts here. She’s a *professional* politician, and scarily intelligent even to this Rocket Scientist. When she speaks, listen. Disagree (as I did over HB235) only after very, very careful thought.

    We need Monica’s insightful views on the Colour – sorry, Color issue. She’s been fighting a virtually solitary battle, pointing out the obvious de-facto Whites Only policy of virtually all Trans groups. We need her quiet tenacity in the face of adversity.

    We need Autumn – whose courageous stand at the White House Fence should inspire us all, standing up not just for “our group”, but for Justice. Every time some transphobic Gay equine posterior says “what have the T’s ever done for us?” we can point to her.

    I’m not asking you to like each other. I like, and respect, and admire, and am incredibly proud to know all of you, with your virtues, courage, and sometimes human failings. So I can do the liking for all of you. You just have to work together, to take advantage of each others’ strengths (even if you may find those personally irritating), and cover each others’ weaknesses (even if at times you find those infuriating).

    That’s not a request: it’s a fact. An observation of the obvious. You want to achieve the goal? You have to do this.

    Now go ahead and criticise me, because I haven’t been exactly diplomatic about this. Australians have many virtues, tact and nuance aren’t in our repertoire though. Tell me I’m a but-insky, because you know what? I am. Someone has to be.

  2. Cathy Brennan says:

    Zoe – You have an Australian’s view of the United States. Fortunately, we in Maryland don’t have to work with Katrina, Monica or Ashley – cause they don’t live here. They are only Internet useful and Internet famous.

    Which means, not so much.

  3. Concerned says:

    Keep it up Katrina, these jerks deserve what’s coming to them for all these years of self-interest at our expense. And that includes trans-sycophants who kiss the ass of The Gay Rights Industry in the hope of catching crumbs from their masters’ table. Nothing is more disgusting than a traitor.

  4. Amym440 says:

    It is to easy to only blame gay inc for this and let those who have been pushing the word transgender off the hook. That’s right transgender inc. you know the ones that have forgotten that transgender is only supposed to have been a label for crossdressers. Or is it that it was supposed to be an “Umbrella Label.” Funny now its supposed to be an identity complete with surgical needs or isn’t it since Michelle Einfield had this to say on NPR “as a transgender community, we are not trying to put out there that we are going to change medically to fit into this.” Here’s the link to the story read it carefully and see if it is a message you really wish to embrace http://www.npr.org/2011/03/28/134926352/Study-Discrimination-Takes-A-Toll-On-Transgendered-Americans?plckFindCommentKey=CommentKey:8b96add6-09a2-41a5-b2f2-b6c48d28ba79 Where is transgender inc on issues for heterosexual transsexual men and women and men and women of transsexual history? Where are they on issues such as the Michigan Music Festival for Lesbian identified TS women? Why don’t they have any heterosexual women of TS history working for them? How is it that having an Umbrella term forced upon us that puts us with men who dress as women not labelling us men who dress as women? Why aren’t they discussing the medical studies that back this as a born as condition? Why aren’t they doing a better job of explaining the medical process we are supposed to go through before surgery? How is it that having a big fat T on the back of the LGB isn’t helping to paint all of us as men in dresses or gay or both? It is time to lose the word transgender break away from the LGB and reclaim our identities and our ability to speak for ourselves about issues that only apply to transsexuals whether they are straight or gay/lesbian.

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