Wart and Remembrance

Remember the run-up to the 2000 presidential election?

When gay conservatives were falling all over themselves to support George W. Bush, justifying that support with the delusion that there was no proof whatsoever that he was actually anti-gay?

Well, what if – all other things being equal – he actually had turned out to be the stealth pro-gay candidate that those gay conservatives were asserting/implying that he was?

What if he had supported – and achieved – DOMA repeal? DADT repeal? An inclusive ENDA?

While that would all have been nice, it wouldn’t alter one nagging piece of reality: George W. Bush actually lost the 2000 presidential election. The process that put him into the White House in 2001 was illegitimate and everyone – including Justices Scalia, Thomas, Rehnquist, O’Connor and Kennedy – knows it.  Ditto for 2004.

In turn, even if 2001-2009 resulted in occurrences which could allow a sane person to honestly claim that President George W. Bush was a friend to the LGBT community, the same sane person could not honestly say that George W. Bush legitimately earned the right to be in the position where he was able to demonstrate that friendship via DOMA repeal, DADT repeal, inclusive ENDA passage, et. al.

Remember this.

You’ll be asked about it later.

2 Responses to Wart and Remembrance

  1. I suppose all I can add here is AMEN.

    I read Alan Dershowitz’ book, Supreme Injustice, and have also read Matt Tabibi’s analyses of Ohio 2004.

    It’s all mind-boggling.

    Personally, in 2000 I looked over the Florida statutes regarding voting, and could not for the life of me figure out how allowable interpretations of ambiguous ballots cast by purely manual methods (“best interpretation of the intention in placing the mark(s)”, as far as I can recall) become disallowed by the Supreme Court (?) in the context of a semi-automated vote (“No dangling chads. Ever.” … if I recall correctly.)

    Well, the man had to be elected; that was all. The fate of a nation was at stake.

    For… what if… a thought monstrous to conceive… the nation had been subjected to four-to-eight years of ivy-beribboned lectures, as opposed to virile harangues? *shudder*

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