Mott the Goop

Not Mottet, just Mott.

And goop, pure goop; no goople, hoople or anything else that might cause young dudes to rock in Cleveland (much less in Baltimore.)

For, you see, ‘Mott’ is 2/3 of ‘Mottet,’ and, contrary to a propaganda post up at Daily Kos, “Earlier this spring, Lisa Mottet, director of the Task Force’s Transgender Civil Rights Project,” did not testify “in favor of statewide transgender rights legislation in Maryland.”

Rather, she testified in favor of HB235, which, had Gay, Inc. been able to ramrod it through the Maryland Legislature, would be, at most, 2/3 of “statewide transgender rights.”

As for the DKos piece, which simply has a “National Gay and Lesbian Task Force” byline:

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Executive Director Rea Carey this week sent a letter to James Skinner, McDonald’s CEO, deploring the recent attack on Chrissy Lee Polis, a transgender woman, at a McDonald’s in Maryland. Carey called upon the company to take several steps to provide a safe environment to all customers, including transgender and gender non-conforming people. She urged “that McDonald’s corporate leadership become much more actively involved in efforts to ensure that such an attack never occur again at one of your stores.”

The Task Force also provided several recommendations to McDonald’s leadership in order to make the company’s food outlets more secure for transgender and gender non-conforming people:

1. Become familiar with the lives of transgender people….

Here’s a thought: Why don’t you become familiar with the lives of transgender people by having us as your employees, including, but not limited to, “director of the Task Force’s Transgender Civil Rights Project”?

4 Responses to Mott the Goop

  1. Teresa Reeves says:

    The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is such a wonderful Force whose Task is dedicated to better the lives of National Gays & Lesbians! Which it does quite well!. According to, 96%, 24 out of the 25 members of the NGLTF Executive Board are actually gay or lesbian!! I don’t know if there are any bisexuals among them but Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell them if you are one and you want to stay on!

    That other 4% is their one transgender representative, Marsha Botzer, a co-founder of the Ingersoll Gender Center- (not that anyone could ever name any other co-founder). If you read the Seattle Gay News, then you would know that Ms. Botzer is the only transgender woman in Seattle– or at least the only one whose picture has ever been seen in the SGN.

    I went to four monthly Ingersoll Board meetings in 2008, in my offering my wealth of experience as counselor, writer, and speaker to become a facilitator for their organization. They held their Board meetings in a conference room at another wonderful organization, Equal Rights Washington!

    Equal Rights Washington does a wonderful job promoting the rights of its lesbian and gay constituency in Washington and their Board membership is 92% gay or lesbian, 11 out of 12! In fact, between NGLTF and ERW, they have a combined 35 out of 37 ( 95%) lesbian & gay members!

    In fact, it is 35 out of 36 (97%) — because two of those people are one person! Marsha Botzer who is on both Boards, the 1 of 25 and the 1 of 12, making her the 1 of 36 or 2.7%

    And if you can be 1 person on 2 Boards like Marsha, then you can also be 1 person who is 2 persons like a famous sockpuppet/ carpetbagger we all know well. Yes, the binonymous Laurel/Lurleen is a member of the ERW Board and she is bicoastal— and she is as at home with the ERW as she is with EQMD!

    And when I went to those Ingersoll Gender Center Board Meetings, I found myself to be the only transsexual there. There were several actually present there who had SRS, they just all identified as transgender. It was politically incorrect of me to identify as a transsexual, since it had been IGC and SGN policy since 2006 to eliminate the use of that word in the service of a new non-transsexual majority! And in 2006 they had eliminated a number of peer groups and I had longed to facilitate a support group for post-operative women which they didn’t have. Most of their support was for those in transition.

    And a letter to the editor I had sent to the SGN in 2009 complaining about my exclusion as a transsexual woman from a local lesbian group was ignored. The editor didn’t want to offend his lesbian readers and ad sponsors!

    But I couldn’t even stay for an entire IGC Board meeting! Not once! Marsha had to escort me to the elevator after about half an hour because they were going into secret “executive” session! And she was so busy that in addition to IGC and ERW, she was that year immersed in the 2008 campaign with Obama Pride!
    She had a short attention span. I offered myself and my abilities, training and experience to her each time and she never responded.

    I had a dear friend who gave me two books from NGLTF. She believed that I was meant to do something with these books about homelessness among LGBT persons and one was specifically titled “Transitioning Our Shelters”, about homeless trans people and their special needs for safe shelter. And Marsha Botzer’s name was on those books as a member of the NGLTF Board. As a person who was to become an advocate for homeless people, it was the perfect book and topic that would allow me to engage the IGC Board as an equal with something important to discuss.

    I had been homeless for almost seven years in Seattle, and no one from IGC, the Trans, Lesbian or LGBT communities ever reached out to me. It would be a chance to do something that matters, that could make a difference in the lives of dozens of homeless trans people I had met over the years.

    But when I went to their Board meeting on September 8, 2008, I was shot down before I had even gotten started. Overeager, and ready to speak, I went too long, perhaps three minutes on the check-in when I was trying to set forth my goal for the evening. Suddenly I was cut off by an angry Marsha:

    “Enough already! …. Thanks for the activism!”
    And I was left speechless.

    It was hopeless. I would go to one last Board meeting in October after I had lost 100 pounds on a year long diet!. But I kept my check-in short lest I be cut off again. And in the meeting they were seeking new facilitators and someone to do outreach to Marsha Botzer’s alma mater, Seattle’s Antioch University.

    But I had been a participant and sometime facilitator at Antioch’s Women’s Education Project, a program that provides a weekly breakfast, a social circle and educational and art projects for homeless women. And they knew I was involved with them.

    But my time was shorter than usual that night, and Marsha asked me if I had any more to say before I had to leave. And then it was all over.

    I would go to Ingersoll meetings for a few more months. But they didn’t want or need me. And a planned transgender health fair where I would provide shelter information at a table never happened.

    Yes, they needed an outreach to Antioch. For fundraising. Not to help homeless trans people. And they needed new facilitators. Just F to Ms, genderqueer, significant others . They didn’t need an older female post-operative transsexual. They already had two.

    And when I said goodbye to ingersoll on February 9, 2009, I said,

    If you don’t want all that I have to offer, there is nothing I can do to stop you!

    So today I carry on as a respected woman among women in Seattle as an advocate, writer, facilitator and speaker for homeless people with WHEEL (Women’s Housing Equality & Enhancement League), a grassroots organizing effort of homeless and formerly homeless women, the Antioch Women’s Education Project and Real Change News and our other partners who are seeking to improve the lives and get dignity, safe shelter and housing for all homeless people.

    Since February, 2010, I found the lost trans community, nationally and internationally on Facebook and I have been able to build a network of news, information, commentary and advocacy to nearly 3,000 friends in a year.
    And IGC and the trans community in Seattle locally have continued to ignore me and what I do. But I have found my community of acceptance.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      “And if you can be 1 person on 2 Boards….”

      I wonder if Laurelurleen Ramseyerogovitch has thought about trying that.

      Or would she instead try to be 2 persons on one board?

      Inquiring singular entities would like to know.

  2. Stephanie Stevens says:

    Why don’t you become familiar … ?

    Well, because it’s “a drag too many snags”

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