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May 30, 2011

More Lies From ‘Equality’ Maryland

May 25, 2011

From an ‘Equality’ Maryland communique as excerpted by Metro Weekly:

As you know, the gender identity and marriage bills did not pass. However, they progressed significantly further than ever before….

This is a lie. 

 A legitimate gender identity bill – you know, the type that had existed in Maryland from the time that Maryland’s gay elite began to at least feign an effort to rectify the hate crime it comitted against trans people in 2001 up until the 2011 session of the Maryland Legislature – did not progress at all in Maryland 2011 (at least not unless you count trans people standing up to Maryland’s gay elite and their transquislingpuppets – and I suspect that ‘Equality’ Maryland is not intellectually aware (much less honest) enough to be counting that.)  A gay-engineered, trans-apartheid bill that had never existed in Maryland before the 2011 session did, however, ‘progress’ during the recently-deceased  session.

As you know, the gender identity and marriage bills did not pass. However, they progressed significantly further than ever before, and are positioned for a successful outcome in the near future. For this, we owe much gratitude to all who made this achievement possible, including Maryland’s LGBT community, the staff of Equality Maryland, state and national partner organizations, Maryland’s openly gay and lesbian legislators, and all our allied legislators and public officials.

So….what?  A “successful outcome” based on the bills from 2011 that they’re referring to?  Meaning, of course:

  1. Gay marriage was and will continue to be the only real priority for ‘Equality’ Maryland.
  2. The ‘compromise’ of civil unions is still unacceptable and will be entertained at all in any way shape or form.
  3. ‘Compromise’ on all things trans is not only on the table, but is mandatory.
  4. ‘GRMD’…Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

And For the NEEDS of Trans People in Maryland…………….?

May 24, 2011

From Metro Weekly:

Patrick Wojahn, board chair of Equality Maryland Foundation, the organization’s educational arm, says help from national organizations, such as Freedom to Marry and the Human Rights Campaign, currently pays for staff salaries at Equality Maryland. Those grants were awarded to Equality Maryland to advance marriage-equality bills in the last legislative session, which ended April 11.

…and For the NEEDS of Trans People in Maryland?

Well, in your heart…

…you know what the answer is.

Rob Woodall = Alan B’Stard

May 24, 2011

Fictional Conservative Member of Parliament Alan B’Stard on healthcare (approx. 4 minutes in):

In the good old days – you were poor, you got ill and you died

Actual Republican member of Congress Rob Woodall:

Rep. Rob Woodall lectured a constituent about Medicare, saying she should simply take care of herself.

A Woodall constituent raised a practical obstacle to obtaining coverage in the private market within the confines of an employer-based health insurance system: What happens when you retire?

“The private corporation that I retired from does not give medical benefits to retirees,” the woman told the congressman in video captured a local Patch reporter in Dacula, Ga.

“Hear yourself, ma’am. Hear yourself,” Woodall told the woman. “You want the government to take care of you, because your employer decided not to take care of you. My question is, ‘When do I decide I’m going to take care of me?'”

You tell me what the difference is – beyond the accent.

My Obligatory Occasional Post Wherein I’m in Full Agreement With The John

May 24, 2011

From a post entitled “Odd Quote of the Day“:

From the Advocate, regarding Tennessee’s hate law that repealed gay and trans protections in Nashville:

Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese released the following statement: “Discrimination should have no place in the Volunteer State and the Chamber [of Commerce]’s opposition to this law sent a strong signal that corporations are on the leading edge of positive change. In contrast Governor Haslam has put discrimination ahead of the state’s values and even business interests by signing this horrible legislation.”

Corporations were also on the leading edge of making this entire thing happen.

As for the Chamber, it held its statement until 20 seconds – literally 20 seconds – before the governor signed the bill into law, making it utterly worthless.  Hardly a coincidence or a “strong signal.”

But par for the course for what the Rhode Island Avenue Cesspool considers to be substantive progress.

I guess the only question now: Exactly how many sides does Joe Solmonese’s mouth have?

A sidenote: Do go over to the page at The John’s site which contains this post.  There are a dozen or so comments thus far and perhaps the kindest one toward HRC was:

Wow. If nothing else, we now have a very clear example of just how badly compromised HRC is.
Anybody want to start a pool as to how long it is before we hear them cozying up to the AFA or FRC?
…although the one about Pee Wee needing 2 hours to watch 60 minutes was choice as well.

The Continuing Saga of the Grandiloquent Retired M.D.’s Subjugation of Maryland Trans Interests to Her Perpetual Campaign for a Seat in the Legislature

May 24, 2011

Let us see….

And then….

which led to:

…until GRMD formed, there was no trans-led organization in MD properly prepared to do the political work that needs doing right now.

After all, wouldn’t that clause make more sense if it read:

…until GRMD was formed by, well…you know, there was no trans-led organization in MD properly prepared to do the political work that needs doing right now.

And I guess it all depends on what the definition of “properly prepared” is, eh? (And I won’t even mention “”the political worl that needs doing right now”; that would be poling on.)

So, in other words…

even if Sandy Rawls and the other non-elite, non-out-of-touch trans activists in Maryland and their existing organizations had recveived the ‘backing’ that Grmrmrmrmrmrmrmdddr has gotten, they still wouldn’t be worthy?


It was Sandy Rawls and the other non-elite, non-out-of-touch trans activists in Maryland who successfully delievered a message to the Maryland Legislature that the elite, out-of-touch Maryland-oids said was no message at all…

which is more of an accomplishment than anything ever done by anyone in the Rhode Island Avenue coccoon.

So, Grmrmrmrmrmrmrmdddr – don’t shit me.

I know shit when I see it – and I know when its being dumped on me.

In Any Other Era in History, What the Koch Brothers are Doing to Their Own Country Would be Viewed as High Treason

May 24, 2011

Analysis from Robyn Blumner:

University economics departments, like [Florida State]’s, are part of the mercenary army that gives the Koch brothers legitimizing cover. George Mason University, a public university in Virginia, is one of the best examples. The Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation has given more than $30 million to it over the last 20 years. The foundation’s pet project is the school’s Mercatus Center, over which it exerts tremendous control. The institute touts itself as “the world’s premier university source for market-oriented ideas.” Its scholars helped mold the Bush administration’s anti-regulatory policies.

The Kochs may not like taxes but they sure like to leverage public funds to advance and amplify their own ideological agenda. That agenda leaves the middle class without a government protector in the face of laissez-faire capitalism.

Welcome to the Koch brothers’ war. Once America’s progressives are fully snuffed out, we will all be its casualties.

If ‘the people’ get to vote on gay marriage, why can’t they vote on the Koch Brothers’ continued presence in American society – you know, something that actually has a negative effect on, well, everything?

Christian Politician from Kansas Compares Impregnation by Rape to Getting a Flat Tire

May 23, 2011

I’m thinking more and more that Osama bin Laden was a victim of selective prosecution.  From Pitch:

 What reprehensible event could possibly have the same consequences as the spiritual dead zone rape victims are left in?

Well, getting a flat tire, according to Kansas state Rep. Pete DeGraaf.

Last Friday, Kansas legislators approved a ban on insurance companies offering abortion coverage as part of their general health plans. The one exception: when a woman’s life is at risk.

DeGraaf, who is in his first term and who is an associate pastor, also called for banning coverage for abortions of rape pregnancies. (Women could get around this if they purchased separate, “abortion-only policies.”)

During the House discussion there was predictably some disagreement over whether excluding rape pregnancies from coverage was perhaps the sort of callous treatment a recently violated woman shouldn’t have to deal with. Here’s DeGraaf’s response to Rep. Barbara Bollier‘s challenge, as reported by the McPherson Sentinel:

Rep. Pete DeGraaf, a Mulvane Republican who supports the bill, told her: “We do need to plan ahead, don’t we, in life?”

Bollier asked him, “And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?”

DeGraaf drew groans of protest from some House members when he responded, “I have a spare tire on my car.”

“I also have life insurance,” he added. “I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for.”

DeGraaf will keep preaching at his church, everyone will forget about it, and he’ll probably get re-elected. He might even carve himself out a nice life in politics surrounded by people who agree with him and make sure he always knows he was right about those dumb women who failed to prepare for rape, assuming he ever gives it another thought. Then, on his deathbed, he’ll look back, comfortable that he led a brave and innocent life, ready to enter heaven.

Or, maybe Bill Hicks was just off a wee bit and, instead of Jesse Helms, it will be when this diseased pile of goo dies that the leathery skins of dozens of little children will be found in his attic.

Memo to the Mainstream Media: Please Introduce All of America to Tim Pawlenty’s Willie Horton

May 22, 2011

No racism necessary either; everyone involved here is white, don’tcha know.

Jeremy Giefer served time in jail in 1994 for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. But you wouldn’t know it to look at the record of the man now charged with sexually molesting his daughter more than 250 times over the last eight years.

That’s because two years ago, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Attorney General Lori Swanson, and then-Chief Justice Eric Magnuson unanimously voted to wipe Giefer’s record clean, granting him a pardon extraordinary.

One reason Giefer wanted his record cleared? His wife wanted to open a childcare center in the house where they live–the same house where Giefer allegedly molested his young daughter throughout the six years prior.

That sound you hear is Lee Atwater crawling out of his grave to tell the media that the only instances of criminals being allowed back on the street to rape and/or murder that matter are the ones that can be blamed on Democrats and that involve black criminals.

It Depends on What the Definition of ‘Maryland’ is

May 22, 2011

Seen recently on the Gender Rights Maryland facebook page: