Big Awful Mistake Scoreboard

Seen today exiting the parking lot of a grocery store somewhere in the American Midwest:

Obama‘s a big awful mistake, eh?

Tell ya what Ms. ‘Marriage – One Man One Woman’ Born Again 2010 Iowa Voter, you think Obama’s such a big mistake?  Then get thee to an Abbottabadery.

Oh, wait…

What you’ve declared to be America’s ‘big mistake’ beat you to that, didn’t he?

And, um….

Why was Osama still around for Obama to catch in 2011?

Oh, Ms. ‘Marriage – One Man One Woman’ Born Again 2010 Iowa Voter……..

I’m waiting for an answer.

Either worrying about who can get married and who can’t was (and is) more important than finding a mass murderer who wouldn’t have given a shit on 9/11 if he had had intel informing him that the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were full of nothing but people who share your view on marriage limitation (and, lets get real, the Pentagon probably was) or someone who, at best, had questionable occupancy rights to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from 2001-09 really wasn’t playing for the team that you’ve convinced yourself that he (not to mention the person Obama beat in 2008) was, or….

maybe you’re just a worthless, braindead homophobic racist.

[ADDENDUM – 5/5/2011, 5:24 PM CDT]

I’d forgotten to include this photo, taken at the same parking lot – roughly a minute before the ‘BAM’ shot.

No optical illusion.  The Americross is planted in the bed of the pickup, which – now here’s the money shot (in light of the ‘god is able’ communique) – was parked in a handicap space.

Now, to be fair, I didn’t see anything expressly anti-Obama on this, um…., vehicle.  But, I am left with a question: If god is able, why is he not willing?

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