“Regurgitating every transphobic trope of the last 40 years”

H/T to Kathy for the title of this post. In all honesty, I can’t think of a better description for what’s been going on the comments section of a thread at Pam’s House Blah:

But now, of course, we have yet to get to the money shot.  In response to the statement, “Women also have good reason not to trust other women’s deicsions what is safe for women” (which itself had been a reponse to “women have good reason not to trust men’s decision making as to what is safe for women”), one finds this:

I am done responding to you, as only a misogynist would say what you actually typed in the first line above.


A personal shot like that didn’t even get a warning.

Yet, my historical assessment of the reality of what transpired in Maryland in 2001:

It starts with the same strategy that Maryland’s gay elite put into play in 2001: They’re only trannies; they can wait at least 10 years

did get a warning.  Oh, and lets not forget what prompted St. Autumn to give me the heave-ho:


Forget about me. 

Forget about the Luna-Tick.


Forget about St. Autumn.

Just think about what Kathy summarized as “every transphobic trope of the last 40 years.”

Now think about why there was – and still is – a need for trans civil rights legislation in Maryland (and Massachusetts…and Connecticut…and New York…and New Hampshire…and Delaware.)

18 Responses to “Regurgitating every transphobic trope of the last 40 years”

  1. Megan says:

    Nice to see that PHB is just as klassy and fair as ever.

  2. Jenny says:

    Granted, it’s only a troll, but an asshole one at that.

  3. Cathy Brennan says:

    I love how you women-hating anonymous Internet people are in love with me! I’m flattered.

    • Katrina Rose says:


      Yet another phrase that you keep using that you clearly don’t know (or, as is more likely the case, don’t care about) the meaning of.

      • Noanodyne says:

        A woman doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase women-hating? Yes, but this debate isn’t about silencing women. It’s very clear you are letting women speak from their own experiences and trusting that they actually know what being on the receiving end of hate is like.

      • Cathy Brennan says:

        Yes, what would I know about “woman hating,” with me being born female and living in this country for years. Oh, and dealing with schmucks like you.

        TTFN Otto!

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Say hi to Kyel Ellis for me.

      • friday jones says:

        Oh Cathy, always going on and on about your “womyn-born-womyn” status! Are you just trying to make us jealous? :p

    • I'm sure no one likes you says:

      Hmm … Inductive reasoning error – people disliking boysenberry ice cream does not equal disliking ice cream.

      A polyp could claim to feel the same love as it receives similar attention.

    • ValerieKeefe says:

      I dunno. If my girlfriend had bought into your bullshit she’d still be miserable, suicidal, and trying to pretend to be a straight man.

      Transition, the data shows, tends to liberate GLB people, 23% of trans people in a recent survey identifying as straight and 23% as gay/lesbian, and the rest a wonderful hodgepodge of every identified sexuality under the sun.

      Why do you insist on forcing trans dykes back into the closet Cathy? Why must we pretend to be men? So that once we’ve become good little self-haters you’ll have someone wounded enough for you to pick on? I honestly don’t know why you hide trans women behind your straw men.

      I try to rely on Hanlon’s razor, but the more willful the ignorance, the more likely that malice remains the explanation.

  4. I'm sure no one likes you says:

    Naturalized citizens aren’t teh real ‘mericans.

    And all transsexuals are born male –

    The greatest advocates for any people are those who vilify them.

    Loving homosexuals means telling them they’re sinners and will burn in hell.

    We must burn down the village to save the village.

    – hey – this is easy!

  5. Hi, since you mentioned Autumn. BTW, I am learning by her example.


    BTW, found this posting via transgriot. Thanks, Monica!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Yah – it makes me wonder what exactly the criteria is to get booted from PHB.

      Back in January all I did was post – here – the result of two very simple google searches.

  6. Cynthialee says:

    I ussed to like Autumn Sandeen then she publicly outed that lady to her church.
    I think Autumn means well and she has fought for rights but when she gets mad she sees’ red and can’t think straight.
    My sister gets like that. Makes her a royal bitch. I hate her but I still smile when she shows up to family diners and we talk with feigned respect.
    Yes our supposed allies in the LGB can and have been our greatest enemies at times.
    I am of two minds on the subject…
    first I think that we should not be part of a sexual minority union. I am changing my sex, not a repressed sexual minority
    second I am reminded of how small our numbers are. There just simply are not enough of us to change society. We need the LGB for the numbers. Also gay male pockets are deep when it comes to the public causes they suport.
    The thing is to educate our supposed allies and sucessfully plead our case with them. Yes they should have come around by now and they haven’t, but we can not throw the baby out with the bath watter.
    It does leave a bit of a sour taste in my mouth but I am willing to eat a pile of shit to see rights for the next generation become a reality.

  7. Cynthia, I know someone else who ‘sees red and can’t think straight’ who actually got me banned from Susans.org.


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