All You Ever Really Needed To Know About Whether New York’s Gays Give a Flying Fuck About Whether GENDA Ever Becomes Law

And, as an added bonus, all you ever really needed to know about whether Pam’s House Blah really gives a flying fuck about whether classes of people are held up to ridicule:

They’re sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo offended by Dumbass Diaz’s anti-gay-marriage shindig that they are utilizing imagery (ironically – or perhaps not – pilfered from RuPaul, a gay man who has as much connection to any reality of any trans lives as the employment rolls of NGLTF) that will do what, exactly, to get a vote from Diaz for the gay want of gay marriage in New York?  And will do what, exactly, to get any vote from anyone who might be okay with trans civil rights but is not okay with gay marriage (I know, I know…keep drinking your kool-aid and keep masturbating with rolled-up copies of Evan Wolfson tomes, but that won’t change the fact that there are some people out there who are okay with trans civil rights but not with gay marriage and that you Marriage Derangement Syndrome-afflicted incrementalist-oids continue to refuse to make any attempt to exploit that for trans people’s benefit.)

And, of course, leave it to the walking dead of ‘journalism,’ What Used to be The Advocate, to take things one step further – not simply implicitly endorsing the Marriage Derangement Syndrome-addled transphobia but doing so via what even one of its commenters calls the “Most misleading headline ever.”

Of course, What Used to be The Advocate was just too lazy to come up with its own headline to endorse the transphobia and pretty much just cut-n-pasted from the Village Voice, ever the bastion of trans-friendliness:


If its gay marriage, its a gay excuse to use trans people.

And, of course, its a nice excuse to maliciously use history:

It’s a fair point to make. That this may be insensitive. I know some people who are involved in Drag Queen Weddings for Equalityare involved in the planning.

And of course, drag queens have always been a part of the LGBT movement. Legend tells us arrestees at Stonewall chanted:

“We are the Stonewall girls, We wear our hair in curls. We have no underwear. We show our pubic hairs!”

An obvious attempt to provoke the anger and ire of the police via renegade gender expression. And it’s hard to know how to place the issue of drag within the movement. And in a way, to embrace that the renegade status is something to take pride in, to cast off the shaming society places on people who don’t fit neatly into cisgendered roles.

To say drag should never be utilized for it’s humorous properties is a difficult line in the sand to draw, given that is IS humorous and in some ways, accessible.

Legend tells us arrestees at Stonewall chanted….

History tells us that whenever trans people pointed that out in order to demand our rightful place in the civil rights laws of New York – city and state (and I won’t pile on by mentioning federal proposals) – that the straight-looking, straight-acting gay men and women who are now more concerned with gay marriage than the life-and-death needs of trans people were engineering for themselves and themselves alone in 1986 and 2002 we were told to shut the fuck up because (a) it didn’t really happen and (b) even if it did happen it doesn’t really matter because only the gay men and women did the real ‘work’ at the Stonewall Riots.

6 Responses to All You Ever Really Needed To Know About Whether New York’s Gays Give a Flying Fuck About Whether GENDA Ever Becomes Law

  1. Kathleen says:

    Won’t it be fun going for a job interview when those are posted all over town!

    Or lobby the Statehouse for GENDA.

  2. Kathleen says:

    The whole thing is about internalized misogyny and transphobia. Why is femaleness, femininity or trans expression in men funny just for existing? It needs to be funny to distance people from their feminity being something real – like gay jokes by closeted guys.

    Which isn’t to say that someone can’t be funny during expressing their feminity – just that it’s existence isn’t funny intrinsically. That’s just sad.

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  4. […] over at Enda Blog is righteously “fucking mad” that New York gay’s are continuing to  place […]

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