Maggie Gallagher Srivistav (Yes, That IS Her Name – Despite Her Refusal to Advertise it as Such to her White Supremacist Fan Base)

From PoliticsUSA:

One very striking feature of Maggie Gallagher’s relentless bullying of American LGBTers is that although Gallagher says she is “defending traditional marriage,” she does not particularly appear to be in a traditional marriage.  When very young, she gave birth out of wedlock.  Your hypocrisy meter should be clanging five bells, as Gallagher now opposes teaching young people about birth control.  She is, furthermore, allegedly married to a Hindu man.  Never will you see a marriage ring on Maggie Gallagher’s finger.  Never will you see her in public with her husband, whose family name she does not use.  He is said to travel around the world to bridge tournaments with a male companion.  Gallagher for her part travels the country, without her alleged husband, perpetuating anti-gay hate in the name of defending “traditional marriage.”  Some amount of mystery attaches to this circumstance.  It is understood that internalized homophobia can cause a person to protest way too much again LGBT rights.  One did not need to be a genius to comprehend what was going on when Andrew Shirvell mounted his anti-gay harassment campaign against his younger and more handsome gay victim Chris Armstrong.  There is speculation that Maggie Gallagher could be a self-hating lesbian.


Shouldn’t it be the presumption?

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