Memo to the Kool-Aid-Transformed HB 235 Neo-Elite: Nevada is NOT Maryland

How so?

I won’t address geography; that would be piling on.

But, lets remember what Maryland’s gay elite tried to pull this year: A ‘lets screw ’em even worse than we did in 2001′ combo platter – consisting of the exterminationistic, fully public accommodations-free HB235 and the enhancement of public accommodations protections for those who engineered some public accommodations protections for themselves back in 2001 known as HB 285 (which, not surprisingly to the thinking crowd, one didn’t hear the ‘you must accept HB235 if you know what’s good for you’ crowd talk much about.)

So on the heels of Nevada’s Legislature passing an employment-only trans bill, its only a matter of time before the obnoxious HB235 addicts attempt to rehabilitate themselves by claiming those who are okay with Nevada but who weren’t okay with Maryland are hypocrites.

Well, refer back to what Maryland’s gay elite forcefed trans people this year (and then add to it the real priority of Maryland’s gay elite: gay marriage.)

Now, here is what all was served up in Carson City in 2011:


      Crimes motivated by, additional penalty, civil liability, SB 180D

      Employment discrimination prohibited, AB 211*

      Housing discrimination prohibited, SB 368

      Indication of gender on documents submitted to government agency, AB 370D

      Public accommodations, unlawful discrimination, SB 331

Not ‘one half-assed gender identity bill and a bill that addresses the issue left out of the former but by giving more to those who already have’, but, rather, five separate bills (one – the ID bill –  admittedly being not as good as it could be), including one each for all three major discrimination categories plus a hate crimes bill.


Even though, thus far, only the employment discrimination bill has made it to the governor’s desk, this is the key to remember: Unlike in Maryland, with its backroom deals to sublimate everything to the ultimately-failed attempt at gay marriage in 2011 (and one can only guess what sort of wackiness will be afoot with the new insta-organization trotting around claiming to speak for those not directly chosen for it), in Nevada there actually was a legitimate attempt to deal with everything by introducing bills to deal with everything – but, only the employment bill has made it through the legislative process.

That’s not attempted political extermination; its just a poor batting average.

Just remember that when the spin cycle starts….

any second now.

5 Responses to Memo to the Kool-Aid-Transformed HB 235 Neo-Elite: Nevada is NOT Maryland

  1. missanthrope says:

    A little more on this:

    It kinda helps that the Exec Director of Equality Nevada is a trans woman, so we don’t get watered down bills 🙂 Lauren Scott has been a great advocate for the community and done some wonderful work.

    Also, there was a wonderful mother of a 8-year-old trans kid who testified, I think that helped.

    And mind you, some these bills (employment and public accommodations) are adding to the non-discrimination rights that cis gay people have enjoyed here since about 2002.

    I’m not trying to dimish the hard lobbying work that has gone on here, but a large part of the success of these bills is due in part (IMHO) in that they were able to fly under the radar because the state is in dire financial straits and the legislature is wrapped up in budget, re-distracting and education issues. That worked to our advantage.

    Hopefully with the redistricting here and Nevada becoming bluer, we can add hate crimes and repeal our state DOMA next session or sometime soon.

    • missanthrope says:


      AB 370 is not a pro-trans bill, it’s actually a move by a socially conservative legislator to reverse a decision by the DMV to let people have a DL gender change without a surgical requirement. If passed, we would have to go back to providing proof of surgery or BC change. Luckily it died in committee.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Thanks. That was my initial impression, but I wasn’t sure if it might have been intended – albeit sloppily – to be a step in the right direction from some situation that was worse.

      • missanthrope says:

        No problem.

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