Christian Politician from Kansas Compares Impregnation by Rape to Getting a Flat Tire

May 23, 2011

I’m thinking more and more that Osama bin Laden was a victim of selective prosecution.  From Pitch:

 What reprehensible event could possibly have the same consequences as the spiritual dead zone rape victims are left in?

Well, getting a flat tire, according to Kansas state Rep. Pete DeGraaf.

Last Friday, Kansas legislators approved a ban on insurance companies offering abortion coverage as part of their general health plans. The one exception: when a woman’s life is at risk.

DeGraaf, who is in his first term and who is an associate pastor, also called for banning coverage for abortions of rape pregnancies. (Women could get around this if they purchased separate, “abortion-only policies.”)

During the House discussion there was predictably some disagreement over whether excluding rape pregnancies from coverage was perhaps the sort of callous treatment a recently violated woman shouldn’t have to deal with. Here’s DeGraaf’s response to Rep. Barbara Bollier‘s challenge, as reported by the McPherson Sentinel:

Rep. Pete DeGraaf, a Mulvane Republican who supports the bill, told her: “We do need to plan ahead, don’t we, in life?”

Bollier asked him, “And so women need to plan ahead for issues that they have no control over with pregnancy?”

DeGraaf drew groans of protest from some House members when he responded, “I have a spare tire on my car.”

“I also have life insurance,” he added. “I have a lot of things that I plan ahead for.”

DeGraaf will keep preaching at his church, everyone will forget about it, and he’ll probably get re-elected. He might even carve himself out a nice life in politics surrounded by people who agree with him and make sure he always knows he was right about those dumb women who failed to prepare for rape, assuming he ever gives it another thought. Then, on his deathbed, he’ll look back, comfortable that he led a brave and innocent life, ready to enter heaven.

Or, maybe Bill Hicks was just off a wee bit and, instead of Jesse Helms, it will be when this diseased pile of goo dies that the leathery skins of dozens of little children will be found in his attic.

Memo to the Mainstream Media: Please Introduce All of America to Tim Pawlenty’s Willie Horton

May 22, 2011

No racism necessary either; everyone involved here is white, don’tcha know.

Jeremy Giefer served time in jail in 1994 for having sex with a 14-year-old girl. But you wouldn’t know it to look at the record of the man now charged with sexually molesting his daughter more than 250 times over the last eight years.

That’s because two years ago, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Attorney General Lori Swanson, and then-Chief Justice Eric Magnuson unanimously voted to wipe Giefer’s record clean, granting him a pardon extraordinary.

One reason Giefer wanted his record cleared? His wife wanted to open a childcare center in the house where they live–the same house where Giefer allegedly molested his young daughter throughout the six years prior.

That sound you hear is Lee Atwater crawling out of his grave to tell the media that the only instances of criminals being allowed back on the street to rape and/or murder that matter are the ones that can be blamed on Democrats and that involve black criminals.

It Depends on What the Definition of ‘Maryland’ is

May 22, 2011

Seen recently on the Gender Rights Maryland facebook page:

If Same-Sex Marriage is a Moral Issue that Should be Decided by the People, Then Shouldn’t the People Also Get to Vote on Whether Wall Street-oids Deserve More Than the Minimum Wage?

May 22, 2011

This christianist turd – who has never been harmed in any way by the existence and/or government recognition of any same-sex relationship – has helped to hijack the machinations of the taxpayer-funded, secular government of Minnesota in order to force the voters of that state to deal with a ballot measure in 2012 which would put a same-sex marriage ban into the state’s constitution:

The spewing:

“I do not believe it is up to judges or even this body, but it should be up to Minnesotans,” said Rep. Steve Gottwalt, R-St. Cloud, sponsor of the bill. But he said his beliefs are not paramount: “It is not about what I think. It is about what we think as Minnesotans.”

Fine – then it should be up to the voters of Minnesota – and every state, state by state – whether anyone within a state’s borders should be able to make obscene amounts of money by shuffling paper and manipulating the economy. 

If ‘the people’ get to set marital parameters at the polls, then they should get to set economic ones as well – starting with a maximum wage for those who do nothing useful for society and who, if the world was just, would have been set off on a ‘B’ Ark upon first indication of wanting to get a business degree.

Lets give all of the miners up on the Iron Range and all of the people in the poor neighborhoods of Minneapolis and St. Paul the opportunity to cast a fair, up-or-down vote on whether all of the bankers and arbitrages who fund Minnesota’s Republicans should be able to earn more than a Wal-Mart janitor.


We can’t have that, you say?

It just wouldn’t be fair, you say?

Well – it sounds a lot fairer than allowing anyone in U.S. – or Minnesota specifically – to go without healthcare or food while countless worthless assholes make 7-figure salaries by conning the populace into believing that banks and insurance companies actually have “products.”

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop thinking that America needs a couple of good Robespierres.

So…You’re Now Going to Admit That Religion is Bullshit, Right?

May 21, 2011

From Raw Story:

Harold Camping is predicting the world will end on May 21, and insists that he has proof.

“God has given us an enormous amount of proof, like the gay pride movement and the extraordinary amount of wickedness in the world,” the 89-year-old founder of the Family Stations Christian radio network recently told SF Weekly‘s Alan Scherstuhl.

Hey Harold: Did you get your ‘proof’ from god? Or Rod?

In either case…

Are you now going to admit that you’re full of shit?

Uh huh…

I didn’t think so.

Minnesota Republicans Allowed This; It Should Be Wrapped Around Their Necks at Election Time

May 20, 2011

 In the words of one commenter at You Tube:

I like that FOX news went ape-shit when Common, the socially conscious rapper, got invited to the white house but then republicans INVITE this bigoted loser to our state house LOL

The St. Cloud Times printed a transcript of what terrorist-in-waiting Bradlee Dean, founder of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, was permitted by Minnesota Republicans to say as part of Minnesota House of Representatives’ official proceedings:

The House DFL Caucus provided this transcript of Dean’s prayer:

“So let us pray.

“Father God I just thank you Father for what you have bestowed upon us and through the sacrifice of our brothers and our sisters. Father God to ratify the Constitution of the United State. Father God, the fight, the bloodshed, and the sacrifice. From World War I to World War II to Korea, Father. To Korea and Iwo Jima and Vietnam. And Father God, Iraq and Afghanistan. And I think about their sacrifice when I go, Father God, to Arlington Cemetery and I think that’s the reason I that fight. That’s the reason that I stand, that I encourage my brothers to do the same thing. They died so we could have the freedoms that we have today. And they ratified that Constitution and sacrificed their all for it. And I end with this. I know this is a non-denominational prayer in this Chamber and it’s not about the Baptists and it’s not about the Catholics alone or the Lutherans or the Wesleyans. Or the Presbyterians the evangelicals or any other denomination but rather the head of the denomination and his name is Jesus. As every President up until 2008 has acknowledged. And we pray it. In Jesus’ name.”

Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Zellers is apologizing for the prayer in his chamber by Dean.

No take-backs.

You recognized the establishment of it; you – and your party – own it.

The specifics of what this Sue-Sylvester-in-male-drag Dean said are important, of course, but not as important as the bigger question: Why is any government entity – all of which in the United States are prohibited by the  US Constitution from respecting an establishment of religion – permitted to let its legislative branch open its sessions by respecting an establishment of religion?

Before You Party Hearty Tonight….

May 20, 2011

Ya best make sure: