Wasn’t That What Trans People Were Told After SONDA Was “Out of the Way”?

June 30, 2011

Shillerico’s shitslinger can’t be bothered to address the substance of why trans people – particularly trans women – might have a problem with his cue shtick, but he has plenty of time to essentially fling the same turd a second time:

This is becoming a “Me first! Gimme! Gimme!” type of atmosphere.

[T]his utterly ridiculous and hateful bitching should end immediately. It wins no allies, it advances no causes, and just stirs up bad feelings for everyone. We are our own worst enemy and this proves it.


When is inclusion wrong?

When, well, it is wrong – by being inaccurate.

Sorry, but trans people don’t expunge ourselves from LGB(t) civil rights legislation and give ourselves promotions for doing so (well, I actually can think of one trans person who might fall under that rubric, but she’s a one-woman Americans for Prosperity and, as such, doesn’t count.)  It is done for, er…, to us.

And it is done to us by…..

I’ve owned up to my role in all of this but I remain baffled why GENDA hasn’t been able to clear the Senate over the last 5 or so years, particularly now that DASA is law with GI/GE included. With marriage equality out of the way, GENDA is clearly at the top of the priority list with everything else (as far as I know) in a secondary, support-building status.

Yes, that would be Matt Foreman – head of ESPA in 2002 who signed off on New York’s gay and lesbians relegation of trans people to third class status and who, for his effort, was rewarded with a cushy national gig (as head of NGLTF – you know, the organization that sees nothing incongruous about employing a non-trans person as its trans expert?) where, because he had signed off on New York’s gay and lesbians relegation of trans people to third class status,  his 2007 call for doing nationally – via ENDA – the opposite of what he had approved of for New York was as effective as an impotent ant attempting to impregnate a petrified walrus.

I’ve owned up to my role in all of this….

Pretty easy to do when you’ve benefited from everything that has fucked trans people, eh?  Sorry dude, you’re a day 8 1/2 years late and a GENDA short.

I remain baffled why GENDA hasn’t been able to clear the Senate over the last 5 or so years…

Is he serious?

Or is he toning up his con muscles for a run at some new national gig?

With marriage equality out of the way, GENDA is clearly at the top of the priority list….

Baffled my ass.

As of Dec. 2002, was it ever supposed to be in the way of undoing what you did to us via SONDA?  I thought that undoing what you did to us via SONDA was supposed to be the top priority once SONDA was “out of the way.”  (Are you sure that there are no St. Patrick’s Day parade kerfuffels on your – or anyone else’s – non-GENDA agenda?)

If Foreman is unable to acknowledge what the gay marriage industry has done to trans rights as an aGENDA item over the last few years, then he’s in need of serious professional help – and I don’t mean in securing a new gig.

If he’s unwilling….

Well, that just leads to a follow-up: Which national organization is he shooting for?

My suggestion?

The Society for Securing a Pardon for Oscar Wilde.

If he thinks that owning up to his role in fucking trans people out of statewide civil rights protections in New York  years after the fact matters, I’m sure that he’d view expending zillions of dollars on a symbolic gesture for an obnoxious, rich gay man who has been dead for over a hundred years to be of yummy social and political import.

By Fucking Over Trans People in 2002 and 2011

June 30, 2011

But, of course…

You can’t really expect someone afflicted with Marriage Derangement Syndrome to be honest, now can you?  Let’s see…

  • “Years of Sharing Our Stories”
  • “Demonstrating Electoral Strength”
  • “Governor Cuomo’s Leadership”
  • “Executing a Republican Strategy”
  • “New Yorkers United for Marriage Coalition”
  • “Engaging Lawmakers in the Field”
  • “Enlisting Unusual Suspects”
  • “Creating the Communications Drumbeat”
  • “Raising Dollars Locally”
  • “Moving Forward in the States”

Of course not.

Because if There’s One Thing that Houston Really, Really, Really, Really Needs, Its More Right-Wing Radio

June 30, 2011

From the Houston Chronk:

Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard, the longtime hosts of KTRH’s (740 AM) morning newscast, will be replaced Tuesday by new morning talk host Matt Patrick, who has hosted shows in Indiana and Ohio for more than 30 years, with former Denver talk show host Lois Melkonian as the show’s news reader.

Hughes and Pritchard, who have worked together at the station for 27 years and are members of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, were informed of the changes after their morning shifts. Thursday was their last day on the air, and Houston‘s Morning News with Matt Patrick will debut Tuesday at 5 a.m.

Typical local radio musical chairs, you say?

Eddie Martiny, general manager for Clear Channel Communication’s Houston stations, acknowledged that the departure of Hughes and Pritchard marks the end of a traditional morning news show on KTRH, Houston’s longtime news-talk market leader, and the beginning of what he hopes will be a show more similar to the Fox and Friends show on Fox News.

Ah yes…

A real news program replaced with radio version of fact-free Steve Doocy, fact-freer Gretchen Carlson and the mostest-fact-free-est of all, Brian Kilmeade….

So much for broadcast radio stations having to operate in the public interest, eh?

So is What My Bowels Occasionally Do

June 29, 2011

From HuffPo:

So, Mr. Senator from Delaware…

And, yes, I know that you’re a U.S. Senator and neither a state legislator nor Delaware governor.


For a recent high school (or college, or law school, et. al.) graduate from, say…Wilmington, who is transsexual, how does your state having civil unions for non-trans gay people yet not affording trans people the legal right to combat employment discrimination add up to ‘it gets better’?

And could you please pose the geographically – and legal status – appropriate analogues to this question to your colleagues from New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire?

Hedge Funders = America’s Parasites

June 28, 2011

It is fact.


[B]ecause people who have learned to manipulate and game the economic system to make billions of dollars and have no experience with educating children (one of them who keeps a pair of brass testicles on his desk and rubs them during the trading day for good luck) are absolutely best suited to educate yours:

A new group backed by two hedge-fund founders is taking aim at New Jersey’s largest teachers union.

Better Education for Kids wants to end the use of seniority in teacher-hiring decisions, implement an effective teacher-evaluation system and weaken tenure.

Now That I Think About it…I’ve Never Seen Michele Bachmann and Bil Browning in the Same Room at the Same Time Either

June 27, 2011

First, Crooks and Liars on Bob Schieffer actually using a mainstream media outlet to show how Bachmann is an unrepentant liar:

Bob Schieffer interviewed Rep. Michele Bachmann on Face The Nation yesterday and actually tried to pin her down on her many and numerous outright lies, as PolitiFact recently examined in some detail.

And as usual, she did her usual blob-of-mercury routine:

SCHIEFFER: I want to ask you about something else. A lot of your critics say you have been very fast and loose with the truth. You know, the po– PolitiFact, which is a website that won a Pulitzer, did an analysis of twenty-three statements that you made recently. Of these twenty-three, only one they said was completely true. Seven they call pants on fire kind of falsehoods. Four were barely true and two were half truths. How do you answer that criticism? Because here’s one of them, you know, you said on the record there had been only one offshore oil drilling permit during the Obama administration and, in fact at that time they had been two hundred and seventy. How do you explain that?

BACHMANN: Well, you know, I think that what is clear more than anything is the fact that President Obama does — has not been issuing the permits, that he should have been issuing on offshore drilling that’s–

If that exchange had taken place in court – and Shieffer was the attorney and Bachmann the witness – any judge with a pulse (perhaps even a criminal like Clarence Thomas) not only would have declared Bachmann to be unresponsive but probably would have thrown a couple of casebooks at her on general principle.

SCHIEFFER: Again, I have to say congresswoman, I asked you a question and you– you, to my knowledge I don’t believe you answered it

…which brings us to the proprietor of Node 572 of the InsidersOut Gay Marriage BlogBorg The Shillerico Project.

Two days and counting since this gem:

and its follow-up, letting the scat out of the hag regarding what those who operate Shillerico really think about the Gay, Inc.-ish reality that trans people have the nerve to see and comment upon far more so than saying anything whatsoever about the trans people that he ostensibly takes the shot at here:

Geez, it’s so tiresome to always have the first comments always be “But what about me!??!” all the time? It’s become so bad that the ed team and contributors have started a running bet now about whether or not the outrage will start within 15 minutes of the post going live.

and here:

I get so tired of the us vs them mentality that seems to have taken hold here. We’re in this together. Divide and conquer is how the religious right wins – not us.

So Matt Foreman and ESPA are the religious right, eh?  Ditto the transphobic bastards in Massachusetts who engineered the special right to discriminate against trans people over 20 years ago and then moved on to gay marriage – licensing New York, Connecticut (cured now? yes – but history matters), New Hampshire, Delaware and, yes, Maryland (which we all know will never allow its gays to suffer the indignity of being equal to trans people) – to do the same?

Oh yeh…

And most importantly….

Two days, and has Bil acknowledged that the only ‘tude among the comments to that Gillibrandian propaganda piece has been toward Bil’s comment?

Two days, and has Bil acknowledged anything about what that comment shows him and his node of the InsidersOut Gay Marriage BlogBorg to be?

Of course not.



Shit – at least Bachmann is entertaining.

But, I must end with some questions, albeit prefaced by:

Here’s our TOS policy:

While arguing about an opinion or idea is encouraged, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of others.

The editorial team will delete a comment that is off-topic, abusive, exceptionally incoherent, includes a slur….

After careful consideration, we have decided to more strictly enforce our comments policy….

Here’s the dividing line that I will enforce. There is a difference between saying that someone’s idea is garbage, and saying that another commenter is garbage. (This suddenly reminded me of an old Star Trek episode where a Klingon starts a fight by telling Scotty “I didn’t mean to say the Enterprise should be hauling garbage. I meant to say the Enterprise should be hauled away as garbage.” A melee ensued.) No threadjacking, no calling names. 


Cue the outraged trans women!

Has Bil been banned from his own blog?

If not, will he be?

If not, then why should anyone remaining who takes his blog seriously continue to take it seriously?

Uhhh….Sorry, But One of These is NOT Like the Others

June 27, 2011

From the NY Times:

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down on First Amendment grounds a California law that barred the sale of violent video games to children. The 7-to-2 decision was the latest in a series of rulings protecting free speech, joining ones on funeral protests, videos showing cruelty to animals and political speech by corporations.


Let’s see:

  1. Content of video games?  Yup – that’s speech.
  2. Homophobic turds holding up signs outside of funerals of people they have no personal connection to? Yup – that’s speech.
  3. Animal torture videos?  Yup – that’s speech (though hopefully all such videos will be used as evidence in animal cruelty prosecutions.)
  4. Giving corporations the green light to buy government?  Nope – that’s fascism, courtesy of the already-bought-and-paid-for Justices Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito.

As for who actually believes in free speech?

Justice Thomas said the Constitution did not protect minors’ free speech rights

Typical conservative christianist.  Children have all imaginable rights….

until they’re born.

Clarence Thomas is a perjurer and the epitome of judicial dishonesty.  It is time for him to go.


June 27, 2011

From Media Matters:

This week, Keith Olbermann debuted his Countdown show on Current TV, having left MSNBC earlier this year. According to Nielsen numbers released by Current, Countdown’s Monday night debut attracted 179,000 viewers between the ages of 25-54. It was an impressive showing for Current, a cable channel whose primetime audience in the past has hovered around 30,000 viewers.

Countdown did well enough to beat out its CNN competition in the 8 p.m. time slot. What’s also telling is how, in just one night, Olbermann managed to completely obliterate the ratings of Fox’s Eric Bolling, whose nightly Fox Business show continues to be mired in a ratings wasteland. 

Some commenters rightly note that Media Matters is engaging in some sleight of hand comparable to claims of non-transphobia from a Gay, Inc.-oid who occupies a position of employment that no trans person of equal or better qualification was ever considered for; note the main comparison is between Current and Faux Business Channel. 

Oddly though, I don’t see many people playing up the fact that Olbermann beat out CNN.  Faux News Channel’s ratings are as fraudulent as its claim that it is unbiased, so dealing with anything regarding its actual viewership is like analysing a press release from HRC (remember: Faux News’s purpose isn’t to exist for its own sake, but rather to be the instigator in the corporatist media echo chamber.)  But CNN, despite often being as pathetic as a David-Gregory-to-Mitch-McConnell softball, is still technically a legitimate operation – and is far more widely available than Current – so Keith beating it out immediately is a big deal.

Question: What’s the Only Difference in Spreadability Between “Santorum” and “Savage”?

June 26, 2011

I do find some bisexuals scary, particularly the ones who are always accusing me of being bi-phobic.

Answer: The number of letters that come after the “a.”  (Link to bluebec, quoting Santorum II.)


June 26, 2011

I’m just remindin’.