Mitt the Flip: Scam Man for the 21st Century

From the Boston Herald:

With the American flag flying, and the well-tended lilac trees at their most fragrant, Doug Scamman spent most of yesterday mowing the rolling hayfield outside of his 250-year-old farmhouse.

In just a few days, that field will be a packed parking lot. The Civil War-era barn, where five pigs and nine hens live, could become a media staging area, Scamman said, with what looked like a twinkle in his eye.

Because Thursday, Bittersweet Farm, and its 300 lush green acres, will be at the white-hot center of the American political universe.

Here, somewhere between the chicken coop, the tractors and the hay bales, Republican Mitt Romney will launch his second presidential bid.

“It’s an honor,” said Scamman, a longtime Republican state legislator who served two terms as New Hampshire’s House speaker, and spent a few years as the state’s budget director. With land that stretches down to the Exeter River, “We have a great place to have big events, and it has very easy access,” he said.

Yesterday, as Romney’s earnest advance team scoped out the sun-scorched site…..

Okay, lets stop there.

Didn’t someone with Multiple-choice Mitt’s campaign machine stop to think that someone somewhere might notice a bit of irony (or perhaps unintentional honesty?) in having the candidate who is more fake than Sarah Palin’s family values and all of Pat Paulsen’s candidacies combined announce his 2012 presidential candicacy at a farm owned by someone (also a politician, natch) named…

Scam Man?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The only thing more perfect would be for him to announce on the spot that his VP candidate will be Scott Walker.

2 Responses to Mitt the Flip: Scam Man for the 21st Century

  1. Now look here Katrina: making fun of Mitt Romney… he’s fair game.

    But mockery directed towards Pat Paulsen, an American of unquestioned patriotism, who dedicated his entire life to running for this great office and enhancing the statuary of our county … why, words fail me. I’ll use Pat’s:

    “I’ve upped my standard, now up yours.” — Pat Paulsen

    Pat’s 2012 campaign may be seen as facing critical challenges, such as his death in 1997, but nevertheless I am looking forward to supporting his candideacy in this crucial election.


    • Katrina Rose says:

      That was in no way intended as mockery of Paulsen. He was honest enough to admit that he was a fake.


      My favorite quote of candidate Paulsen’s:

      The fact that I have a surefire plan of action to lower taxes, solve our civil rights problems, obliterate the national debt, and put an end to the war in vietnam obviously disqualifies me as a presidential candidate.

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