What Next? The Re-Institution of ‘Benefit of Clergy’?

(h/t Kathy)

From BoingBoing:

A “millionaire playboy” who killed two British tourists in Florida when his $150,000 Porsche jumped the curb will not go to jail, despite the fact that he fled the scene and lied to police officers about who was behind the wheel during the accident. Instead, he will pay cash restitution to the victims’ family, settling a civil suit on the condition that he not go to prison. Ryan LeVin, who did not offer an apology to the victims during sentencing, is on parole in Illinois, where he has a record of over 50 traffic violations, including striking a police officer with his car and left the scene. His lawyer has asked to have his Porsche returned.

Rather than agree to a deal with Florida prosecutors, who wanted him to serve 10 years in prison, LeVin took an open plea that placed his fate in the judge’s hands. His lawyer argued that the need for LeVin to pay restitution to the men’s widows and children outweighed the need for LeVin to serve prison time.

The payout settles a civil suit filed by the men’s families shortly after their deaths.

“The wives and children of the deceased were significantly and permanently impacted by this incident, and they have indicated … that there exists a great necessity for restitution which the defendant can, and will, make, if permitted a sentence devoid of incarceration,” LeVin’s defense attorney David Bogenschutz wrote in court documents.

I hope that every defense attorney in Florida from this point forward demands this ‘cash option’ in lieu of prison time – especially for defendants who have no means of paying.

Can you say ‘equal protection of the laws’?

I knew you could – and whether Florida’s mobster governor or the SCOTUS Fascist Five like it or not, the words “equal protection of the laws” actually are part of the constitution.

No special rights for “millionaire playboys.”  Everyone should get the option of writing a check instead of going to the big house.  Or do only little people get to go to the big house?

As one commenter at BoingBoing noted:

It’s good to see that justice in the US can approach the level of Pakistan

One Response to What Next? The Re-Institution of ‘Benefit of Clergy’?

  1. libhomo says:

    I hope that corrupt judge gets recalled.

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