Anthony Weiner Must Resign

I don’t give a damn about him twittering his schlong.

A nation that wasn’t so fucked up on the insanity of religion wouldn’t give a damn about it either.


Why must Anthony Weiner resign?

He has harmed the nation in an incalculable manner by legitimizing one of the 21st century’s greatest con men – Andrew Breitbart.

Lee Atwater’s rotting corpse just came so hard that the entire graveyard rattled.

3 Responses to Anthony Weiner Must Resign

  1. ValerieKeefe says:

    But his resignation would further legitimize Breitbart… staying on calls him only a bullshit artist who is intermittently accurate on matters of no public interest.

  2. jim says:

    weiner must go he is a NUT

  3. David Vitter didn’t…..neither should Weiner…

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