Michelle Rhee: Anti-Education Astroturfette

These neo-feudalism fascists are sickening. 

We got our education, money, education, et. al., and you fuckers who aren’t sufficiently well-connected to snag any of the jobs that our corporate buddies haven’t shipped to Pakistan and India can watch your children grow up to be epsilon double-minuses unless they want to submit to the church-run education ‘system.’  Public education?  Bwaaahhha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

From C&L:

In the comments to the post where this video was embedded one commenter’s remarks stood out, because the person claimed to be progressive, but defended Michelle Rhee to the core. This comment in particular was interesting:

“Michelle is a pioneer in education reform, unafraid to challenge the status quo and offer real solutions. Her policies are neither left nor right, but driven by research and the desire to bring accountabi­lity to the education system.”

A check over on Twitter shows that GardenStBadger, as he is known on the Huffington Post, recently changed his twitter handle to Arman Belding. Arman Belding worked for Joe Trippi in the Washington DC area as a social media coordinator, before posting an excited announcement in May that he was taking a job with StudentsFirst.

So it appears that in addition to hiring away Hari Sevugan, Rhee is also employing some astroturf types who know their way around social media to push back on the truth about her: She is not progressive, does not have progressive ideas, and is funded by those who want to see public education die altogether.

Remember: The only reason that public education appears not to work is that those who don’t want public education to exist at all ensure that it doesn’t work.

3 Responses to Michelle Rhee: Anti-Education Astroturfette

  1. And they don’t want it to work for partisan political reasons….Democracy requires an educated citizenry to work properly. Dumb down the population, and your Faux News ‘all conservative all the time’ propaganda works better.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Look! Over there! Snooki is showing off her orange skin!

      Pay attention to that.

      Pay close attention to that – until further notice!

      That’s an order!

      Don’t you dare expend any brainpower analyzing what Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, Jon Kasich and Rick Scott are doing!

  2. sarasnavel says:

    They actually don’t want public education to die altogether, they just want to make money off of it, and starving it is the way to bring that about. This will be accomplished via No Child Left Behind (and Obama’s successor/value add, Race to the Top). As under-performing schools falter even further due to reduced funding, eventually governors will decide to privatize entire swaths of their states’ education systems. This will be done via either private education corporations running public schools in an overt manner, or via charter schools, many of which offer ‘values based’ education. And by ‘values based’, they mean “Family Values” based, as shown by a quick look at their “partners in education” (which tend to be fundie churches). Far too many parents that I’ve met have openly expressed the wish for public schools to teach Christian values; charter schools offering the same are a perfect political vehicle for corporatization of education. We’re definitely already seeing it in our state. June 10th, Obama announced that (barring congressional action doing the same) he’d give states a partial pass on NCLB *if* they agree to certain reforms based on Race to the Top. One way states are currently getting RTTT money is by opening up caps on charter schools and making it easier for disadvantaged students to attend charters…

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