Perhaps He Should Have Called Himself “Lurleen”

Who?  Him:

Just one day after the author behind a popular Syrian lesbian blog admitted to being a married, American man named Tom MacMaster, the editor of the lesbian news site Lez Get Real, with the tag­line “A Gay Girl’s View on the World,” acknowledged that he is also a man.

“Paula Brooks,” editor of Lez Get Real since its founding in 2008, is actually Bill Graber, 58, a retired Ohio military man and construction worker who said he had adopted his wife’s identity online.

I – both as Katrina Rose and as Señora Wences (not a sockpuppet identity mind you, but one I was forced to create in place of “KatRose” after being booted from PHB initially for exposing a sockpuppet and later for legitimate analysis of the gay elite) –  am just sayin:

3 Responses to Perhaps He Should Have Called Himself “Lurleen”

  1. Next to be revealed, the WBT’s and radical lesbian feminist Dirt are all conservative white male Republicans

  2. Teresa Reeves says:

    Who is in charge of the “L” in LGBT?

    It has always been kinda strange to me since I was ejected from a Womanspace I had co-founded in 1988 at The Center, Orange County California, for having had sex reassignment surgery and not being a “real” woman or lesbian by lesbian separatists. This was despite my 1500 hours of service as a counseling intern, 900 hours working with lesbian individuals, couples and a lesbian incest survivors group, having earned them $25,000! Up until then they liked the color and gender of the money I made.

    By the mid 1990s while I was isolated in exile, being the sole caregiver of my mother with Alzheimer’s Disease, someone in the now Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual ( or was it Les-Bi-Gay?) Community started to advocate for the idea of something called transgender inclusion– which didn’t sound bad to me– except the fact that I had been expelled for being a transsexual and I was waiting for the apology, the invitation to come back…. and maybe even the hero’s welcome.

    But I wondered. Did anyone remember me or any one of the dozens of transsexual women expelled during the late 1980s (according to Pat now Patrick Califia) from women spaces? Who was really being invited? Who was doing the inviting?

    It seemed apparent that gay men had an interest in those transgender women that used to be called “drag queens”- since they had always been around the gay community and were often both the highlight and the bane of gay pride celebrations. They were the partners of so many gay men and also among the most dedicated to LGBT charity fundraising events, often sponsoring drag shows and pageants for community benefit. But until then, although they had often spoken of each other in “girl” term, I don’t remember any of them declaring themselves to be women.

    And there was some interests among lesbians to welcome back to the community transmen and their female partners– who were prior to the transman’s transition both once identified as a lesbian couple- but the transmen had gone “butch” too far and he and his partner were now declared to be hetero.

    And then someone adapted the proud transvestite male philosophy of “transvestite as superior to transsexual” established by Dr. Virginia (Charles) Prince into the new transgender world order.

    Once they were proud heterosexual male transvestites who liked having sex with women while crossdressed. Now they were proud “lesbians” who liked having male heterosexual sex with women that they called lesbian sex .

    I kept looking for the names of prominent lesbians, advocates, community leaders, whoever that had signed off on this new kind of lesbian. I couldn’t find any names. And I was looking for lesbian inclusion of transsexual women since I had come out as a lesbian seven months before I was excluded. But I found nothing.

    Ultimately I had read of some lesbians who had welcomed transsexual and transgender women to LGBT, but only as transgender, and only as women if we stayed among our own kind– “the gender variants” and their gay male partners and away from “womyn-born-womyn”, the “real” lesbians.

    Fifteen years later I come back to the new LGBT and found a community of transsexual and transgender women on Facebook that I had never known before. And I found dozens of LGBT activists who wanted to recruit me for “community causes” .

    Laura “Agitator” Kanter wanted me to video a reenactment of the California Prop 8 trial! I told her about my rejections from the local lesbian community in Orange County in 1988 and Seattle in 2009.

    “I love women… I’d love to marry one… But I am not going to lift a finger to help lesbians get married when I am locked out of my lesbian community despite “transgender inclusion” in LGBT. I don’t see or hear lesbians denouncing Lesbian Separatism and Apartheid exclusion of my people.”

    “I had sex reassignment surgery to become congruent in mind and body- but if lesbians don’t even accept us as women, what are we doing in LGBT with male-bodied transgender women whom you also don’t accept?”

    I never heard from her again.

    And I was recruited for more important LGBT issues….
    To repeal DADT…. and To stop young gay teen suicide by bullying!

    What about a nasty Israel Luna movie “Ticked off Trannies With Knives”: a transmisogynistic exploitation of the blood and suffering … even murder of transwomen for laughs? They even used the photos and story of an actual murdered transwoman in the trailer to promote the film until her family objected.

    Or amongst all that “gay” bullying, the stories of two 2 transwomen murdered and transmen and transwomen assaulted?

    Or the repeal of the previous governor’s protection of transpeople by decree by the new Ohio governor, attempts to strip already existent trans rights in Texas and other states and the Maryland “bathroom, shelter & public accommodations” debacle. And the assault on Chrissy Lee Polis in Maryland? Nikki Araguz and birth certificates in Texas?…

    No one L G B wanted to help us….

    I had an affirmative history with the lesbian community 25 years ago.
    So I signed on with the Seattle Lesbian, Lavender Lesbians and LezGetReal.

    So here I am trying to reach out to a lesbian community that has often regarded me as not a “real” woman or lesbian despite my commitment and advocacy in a feminist community as a respected woman among women since 1979.

    And the site and its lesbian leader turns out to be a heterosexual man and not a real woman or lesbian! And even the woman he was posing as was not a lesbian! And who in the lesbian community does he answer to?
    And just who is in charge of the “L” in L G B…………..t ?

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