Next Time, Hire a Transsexual – Perhaps a Transsexual Woman Who Cares More About, Ummm…., LGBT Issues Than, Ummm…, Greed?

I’m just suggestin’:

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation communications director Rich Ferraro emailed Metro Weekly regarding the article publishedearlier today at Politico about the future leadership of Jarrett Barrios. He writes:

This evening Jarrett Barrios resigned from his position as President of GLAAD.

I’m sure you might have seen a Politico article that ran this evening regarding GLAAD’s Board of Directors. I just wanted to let you know there will be an announcement from GLAAD this evening to address those accusations.

Ben Smith at Politico wrote earlier today about the background:

POLITICO’s Eliza Krigman reported recently that GLAAD was among a number of progressive groups with no obvious institutional interest in telecom issues who received money from AT&T and subsequently issued public statements supporting AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile.

I’m just suggestin’…

and not holding my breath.

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