My Own Report from NetRoots Nation (Or, The Minnesota That Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty Have no Intention of Letting the Nation Emulate, Even if it Means Destroying America)

A funny thing happened on the way to NetRoots Nation: A non-activism vacation got planned.

A funnier thing happened on the way to NetRoots Nation: A vacation got planned that was north of, though not all that far away from, the Minneapolis situs of NetRoots.

A funnier thing still happened on the way to NetRoots Nation: I noticed that the Minnesota Lynx had a home game the night after our vacation was scheduled to end – and so we decided to go only halfway home on Friday and take in the game between the Lynx and the Atlanta Dream at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

Target Center, BTW, is two blocks (or one Hiawatha Line stop; take yer pick) away from Target Field, which is where the Minnesota Twins play and where we saw the Twins lose to the Rangers the previous Friday night, unaware that the Twins apparently now hire people who care more about the 10 commandments of a certain mythology than the 9 innings of baseball reality.  (FYI, while we were there, we were more concerned about dodging the rain than either dodging or getting in front of the kiss cam; I do, of course, hope that the couple who was on the short end of the christianity-enforcement action to prevail in their MHRA claim.)

Which brings me to something that occasionally flashed on the scoreboard during the Lynx game:

Though I don’t think its as good as it was back when I lived in Minnesota, Lavender is the Twin Cities’ LGBT free rag. (and, FYI, the Lynx did eventually come back to win the game.)

Now, something else that one would occasionally see on the scoreboard is a shot of celebs sitting in the Jack Nicholson seats.

One of them was Kevin Garnett, a former player for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  In this shot (one that I took, not something lifted from either the scoreboard or the Lynx site) of Lindsay Whalen abouit to shoot a free throw, he’s near the center – wearing a white t-shirt.

At some point after Garnett was introduced, I went out for a potty break.  When I got back, my partner pointed down to where Garnett was sitting and remarked that there was some guy in a blue t-shirt sitting next to him who appeared to be talking Garnett’s ear off and wouldn’t stop.

My initial thought was ‘well, in that section, if Garnett really doesn’t want the guy there, he could just snap his fingers and cops would come a-running.’

Then I looked closer at blue t-shirt guy, notcing that he had a cap on with long gray hair coming out the back.  I also noticed that blue t-shirt guy was pretty well built.

I thought he looked familiar.

Though I wasn’t absolutely certain, I turned to my partner and said, ‘Babe, I think that’s Jesse Ventura.’

As if on cue, the scoreboard then went to its next celeb intro: Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura….

in the Jack Nicholson seat right next to Garnett (here’s a close-up of the previous image.)

All of this, of course, is where I would have liked to end this post, by simply pointing out that this is the version of America that people like Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty want to destroy:

  • Professional sports teams that aren’t afraid to positively acknowledge that LGBT people exist.
  • Cities that aren’t afraid to positively acknowledge that LGBT people exist.
  • States that aren’t afraid to positively acknowledge that LGBT people exist.
  • Elected officials who aren’t afraid to stand up to christianists by making reality-centered statements such as “Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.”
  • White elected officials whose appearances in the vicinity of non-whites aren’t purely for show.

But, remember – my journey back to the state where I lived for four years (corresponding to most of Ventura’s term as governor) happened to correspond temporally with NetRoots Nation 2011 being in Minneapolis.

Apart from Dan Choi’s latest fit of card-overplaying, the big news from NetRoots Nation involves Pam’s House Blah:

Pam’s House Blend is becoming part of the Firedoglake family

To give you an idea of what FDL is getting, take a look at Pam channeling both Darrell Issa and James Sensenbrenner:

NetRoots Nation was in the twin cities after all; why not channel the twin Republican committee bullies, eh?  A very relevant (though not as relevant as asking about whether Laurelurleen Ramseyerogovitch would be able to erase people from FDL would have been, but why quibble?) question is slammed as “threadjacking”?

Way to keep it classy – not to mention InsidersOut-y – Pam.

I will close with the reaction of sarasnavel to the FDL-PHB merger:

It seemed odd, the way a particular moderator pair was allowed and even encouraged to trapdoor all the radical riff-raff in the prior few months for offenses that seemed inconsistent and even contrived.  You know, the ones that were contentious, didn’t agree with so-called ‘mainstream’ LGBT policies and worked against Maryland’s anti-trans bill.  The ones that made Pam’s look a bit too…progressive and radical and yes, fully trans inclusive.

Gender and sex variant people of all flavors used to have a voice here.  It was one of the few, if not the only, online general audience forums where those of us that do not agree on much could rally together against those who wish to treat us as mentally ill or sinners or simply too out of norm in terms of expected gender and/or sex (or history, can’t forget the HBS’rs).  Those who could not or would not assimilate into the far more centrist LGBT way of doing politics.  Those who fought for true equality.  Yes, the discourse would get a bit flavorful and even contentious but (and this is key), we were all adults and entered into and continued the heated discussions willingly.  But suddenly, at the climax of the Maryland issue, voicing opinions that ran counter to the established and sell-able gay voice began to be silenced at a faster rate.  That was why instead of eventually getting trap-doored, I and many others simply ceased to stop by.  The coffee had grown cold for us, so to speak.

Well, when the coffee-making duties apparently fall down the line to the LGB(t) equivalent of Baldrick, what could one expect?

I like saliva-tinged mud in puddles on football fields, not in coffee mugs – or in blogs pretending to be relevant to anyone other than members of its own cybercirclejerk.

8 Responses to My Own Report from NetRoots Nation (Or, The Minnesota That Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty Have no Intention of Letting the Nation Emulate, Even if it Means Destroying America)

  1. Andrea Rosenfield says:

    Kat, that was my post asking those questions of Pam. Do yourself a favor, grab screenies of the rest of that exchange, and post them as an “update.” 😉

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Well, my fave was shakespeare’s response:

      These were simple questions and more than relevant to the move, not threadjacking by any stretch.

      Posters wish to know exactly how much control certain tyrannical moderators will have.

      Seems like the poster hit a nerve, confirming other suspicions.

      You could have just answered the questions instead of coming up with the bull threadjacking obfuscation.

      For the rest, I highly doubt FDL will let AS moderate anything outside of PHB as that will mean nothing but trouble for them. I doubt the honeymoon will last long.

      Of course, the responses by Pam and Autumn – completely dodging the foreshadowy nature of having branded your questions as “treadjacking” – were telling as well.


      FDL doesn’t have any editorial or moderating control over PHB, and our TOS will be our own as well. That is part of the deal. So if you are displeased, you don’t have to migrate over to read.


      I consult with her behind the scenes a great deal regarding moderation of our comment threads. I don’t accomplish moderation of the blog unilaterally, without consultation.

      Not having a day job though, I usually have more time to moderate the blog than Pam does.

      But what about Laurelurleen Ramseyerogovitch?

  2. ValerieKeefe says:

    Yeah Dan Choi, way to get really outraged at the most pro-trans president ever… because he won’t come out in favour of something he’s in favour of but will probably then become a referendum on him.

    Diefenbaker was quiet on Medicare in 1960, but his funding of the hospital insurance program on a national scale in 1958 may have been a clue, but why not call him anti-medicare for being a smart lightning rod.

    (Bet you thought I wasn’t going to be able to tie my favorite Canadian Prime Minister into that, were you?)

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Lets have a bit of dish on Pierre Trudeau while we’re at it 🙂

      • ValerieKeefe says:

        Unlike Trudeau, I’ll answer that request on demand:

        His abortion law was the equivalent of the Standards of Care for cis women.

        He’s the political heir of Diefenbaker, and his ’68 victory in the West bares similarity to Diefenbaker’s win in ’58 in Quebec.

        That’s a start, at least… feels like comment thread jacking to go much further.

        “Why’s the price of gas so high?”

        “Well, did you vote for John Turner in 1984?”

        “… No.”

        “That’s why.”

        -A discussion I had about six times a day when I was working at a Petro-Can in 2004

      • Katrina Rose says:

        I’m curious….

        Did (expressing) that line of reasoning eventually get you fired?

      • ValerieKeefe says:

        No, nor did it get me in trouble.

        I overslept, Jan 23rd, 2006 when Harper won his first government because I was out grousing with my contemporaries. And the company had just changed hands, so absence #1 from a $10 an hour job was absence # last. The 16 hour days I often pulled for them notwithstanding.

        Doesn’t matter, I’d grown to hate the job… and 2006 is about when I realized I couldn’t go on this way. Got the courage to do something about it in 2009, but that’s another story

  3. […] PHB becomes part of FDL, in addition to officially-condoned sockpuppetry this is the sort of highbrow, progressive analysis […]

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