As if There Was Any Question About What THE Priority Really Is

From something that used to be a relevant blog:

HRC released its 51st and final video featuring iconic and everyday New Yorkers for marriage equality.

Today there will be a rally in Albany. More from yesterday’s email from Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY8):

We are at a critical moment for advancing civil rights in New York, and your voice could make the difference. The New York State Senate will most likely be voting any minute on Governor Cuomo’s marriage equality bill that has already passed the Assembly.

And after we win marriage equality for all New Yorkers with your help, we will march in the Heritage of Pride Parade on Sunday, June 26th.

…. where that portion of the New York LGB(t) community that helped spark the event that Pride commemorates can be reminded yet again that, to the over-privileged, over-right-ed gay elite who revel not only in their affliction with Marriage Derangement Syndrome but their nearly-decade-old statewide special right to discriminate against the T, that T is actually viewed as standing for “turds.”

If you are interested in marching with me to show your solidarity with the LGBT community….

And the sound you hear is a heavy-duty flush coming from Albany.

One Response to As if There Was Any Question About What THE Priority Really Is

  1. GENDA? Oh yes, that’s right, that was quietly killed on the 8th… not that anyone noticed…

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