So Here’s a Pre-Summary of the 2012 Presidential Race: Christianity Vs. Reality

The next batshit crazy moon-howler to try to reduce the most powerful nation on Earth to a blubbering christian caliphate (h/t Matt Taibbi via the new Countdown for that term) full of an illiterate mass led by a handful of mega-rich neo-royalists is….

First, it was conservative commentator and radio host Laura Ingraham declaring that her sources assured her that Rick Perry was running for president. Today, it was a paragon of the mainstream media, the Wall Street Journal, that claimed its sources assured it that the Texas governor has definitely decided to enter the 2012 Republican primary fray.

In a post on the WSJ web site, James Freeman writes that “a Republican campaign veteran tells us that Texas Governor Rick Perry has decided to run for President, though the official word from Team Perry is still a definite maybe.”

Yes, if Romney isn’t plastic enough for you, Santorum isn’t full enough of santorum for you and Bachmann isn’t Inquisitionalist enough for you, there’s always yet another anti-government Republican elected official who hasn’t held a non-government job in over twenty years and whose most substantive feature is his hair.

The sound you hear is everyone who has died to achieve and/or maintain this country’s freedom crawling out of their graves, coming back to life and blowing their brains out in protest.

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