Where Do Over-Privileged ConservaBrats Oozing With Entitlement, Self-Importance and the Belief That Laws Don’t Apply to Them Come From?

And for those who don’t like sport, we have…sport!

(Apologies to Eric Idle.)

There’s no way around making this post about sports.  The key event which led to the post’s title occurred at a sporting event (or, more accurately, at a preliminary aspect of one.)


Earlier this week I spent goodly portions of two days attending the Midwest League All-Star Game (and events leading up to it) in Davenport, Iowa.


I’m a bit of a photo-geek-ess – and as evidence, here is a handful of photos I took at the Home Run Derby on Monday and at the All-Star Game itself on Tuesday:

Now, neither the game nor the derby is the event which spurred me to incorporate this into ENDABlog.  Rather, that fell to Fan Fest, an event which took place at a Davenport city recreation building across from the ballpark on the afternoons preceding both the derby and the game.

On Tuesday afternoon, however, Fan Fest included an autograph session – two actually, one each with all of the members of the East All-Stars and one with all of the members of the West All-Stars.

Even though I’ve gotten to the point in my life where autographs typically aren’t a big deal to me, there is an exception: when I can run across players I’ve gotten pix of and get them to sign copies of those pix.

Who needs Topps when you can make your own cards, eh?

Not only is there a bit of gratification when I do get a sig on one of my pix, it increases exponentially when they compliment me on the shot being good and ask for copies for themselves (it decreases a bit if the player actually recognizes which game it was taken at and remembers that it was  particularly bad outing for him – but I digress….)  The Midwest League – which includes the teams within easy driving distance of where I live –  are Low-A minor league (not long out of high school or college) and many of the players actually have no good pix of themselves in action yet to give to their relatives.

In case you were wondering where the actual point of this post was going to emerge, wait no more.  Here it is:

Because of the number of people in line at the autograph session as well as the time constraints, an autograph limit was announced: one per person per player.

Reasonable enough, no?

Sure, I had muliple shots of some players, but one was something I could live with given that I’d probably cross paths with some of them at regular league games in the future (and more importantly, in ENDA parlance, one – as opposed to zero – actually is ‘part of a loaf.’)

However, a middle-aged man – possessing of that wonderful Newt Gingrich 2011 hair and physique – directly in front of me decided that this rule was inapplicable to he and his in-tow son (who looked to be maybe 5 or 6.)  The kid had a binder filled with pages, each of which had several cards of each player and – you guessed it – the kid, encouraged by daddy, got every last one of them signed.

Now, do I actually know what the political leanings of ‘daddy’ are?


But you all can imagine what a safe bet would be.

And do I actually know that the kid will grow up to be an obnoxious twit who believes that he’s too good to comply with any law – be it those that require even white conservatives to pay taxes or those that say that men can’t physically extract sex from women against their will?


But over-privileged, entitlement-laden conservatives who believe that laws only apply to certain people – people other than themselves – get started somewhere.

I’m just sayin’….


This is one participant in the 2011 MWL All-Star Game who I won’t ever try to get to autograph my photo of him/her/it. (begrudging h/t to the kid who was sitting next to me late in the game – not the kid in the autograph story – who inadvertently alerted me to that creature being on the foul netting in front of me by telling his mother – not me, but his mother – that a similar bug was on the bill of the cap I was wearing.)

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