That Was Quick

Looks like Maryland is pissed that it wasn’t able to beat New York to the punch of moving on to marriage and forgetting about trans people:

No gay organization should ever be allowed to deploy the phrase “true equality” without linking to the full definition of what said gay organization actually means by “true equality.”

For those who drink, here’s a nice drinking game* for a nice weekend night: 

  • Over the next 24 hours every time you hear someone say that tonight’s events in New York means that full equality has been achieved there (or ‘this is the end of the civil rights struggle’ or some other equivalent blather), down a shot of vodka.
  • If the person uttering the phrase is connected with the gay elite of any other state that has already secured a gay-only rights law and discarded any real effort at trans equality but has manufactured gay marriage and/or civil unions (currently Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Delaware), down two shots.
  • If the person uttering the phrase is connected with the gay elite of Maryland, chug the entire bottle.

Mind you, I’m not encouraging…

Rather, I’m actually warning.

I’m just sayin’……

* Well, I should define “nice,”  shouldn’t I?  I mean “nice drinking game” as, say, John Bonham or Keith Moon or Bon Scott might mean it.  For most people, though – given the number of occurences of the key phrase that one is likely to encounter over the next 24 hours – it will equate to “drinking oneself to death almost instantaneously.”

2 Responses to That Was Quick

  1. ValerieKeefe says:

    Why are you trying to give trans women alcohol poisoning?

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