How About Telling Children the Truth?

Remember: However much that some transphobes within Gay, Inc., may want to con you into believing that I’m against gay marriage, that’s simply not – and never has been – true.  Gay transphobes will simply lie about anything (‘we’ll come back for you after SONDA,’ ‘trans people are already covered in Maryland,’ etc.) to keep themselves legally superior to trans people, ensuring that they will never have to compete with us on a level playing field for, well, anything.  The reality is that if religionist-manufactured, sex-based restrictions on marriage suddenly disappeared, the world would be better off – and religionists know it…

…just like religionists actually know that all of the shit that they spew is, well, shit.

Which brings me to the following anti-gay-marriage comment at HuffPo:

Well, if Dawn really was a responsible parent, she’d tell Timmy that its all bullshit and that he should begin reading things that really matter – beginning with the U.S. Constitution (though perhaps she might want to have Timmy start with history books – other than those consecrated by Rick I, Grand Duke of Austin – which will tell him that there are already a few gays in New York, some of whom actually hold hands in public.) 

But I’m sure that Dawn’s already let Timmy have his brain ripped to shreds by the Fox ‘News’ cheese grater, so ’tis a moot point.

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