Well, That Just About Sums it Up For The Bilerico Project

Irony alert:

…personal attacks will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of others….

I guess trans women are neither persons nor deserving of respect.

Actually, I learned that GayLand reality long ago.


I’ve never seen Bil Browning and Ron Gold in the same room at the same time.

That was the lead comment from Bil to an item by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand that is being pushed on the usual suspect, all-gay-marriage-all-the-time blogs.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that, thanks to extraordinary grassroots activism and the hard work of Governor Cuomo and so many committed organizations and elected officials, New York has once again led the way on equality.

I can’t imagine why any who saw the word “equality” used to describe New York law in 2002 – when said law left them unequal – and who are seeing the same word used in the same curious, adefinitional way in 2011 might have an opinion contrary to a piece of PR that uses the word “equality” in the same manner that Roger Ailes uses “news” and “fair” and “balanced.”

Can you?

At this point the only cue I feel inclined to have anything to do with is a stick, so I’ll just defer to what Teagan had to say:

Hav[ing] never been to this site before. A friend posted a link to this article via Facebook. I read the article, then read the comments, and the first comment I see is the founder of this site going after trans women, juxtaposed with a flashing ad imploring me to “DONATE.” I’m a transsexual woman, and I wasn’t outraged until I read Bil’s comment.

Um, no, Bil, I won’t be donating today.

I have no idea if this is typical from Bil, but comments like these are a big reason that many women like me choose to disassociate with the “T” in “LGBT.”

3 Responses to Well, That Just About Sums it Up For The Bilerico Project

  1. Jenny says:

    On the bright side, there’s this from the other Bill in the comments:

    “The victory in NY will serve to spur, not curb the growing disgust in the GLBT communities with both the Democrats and Republicans and help us refocus our energies on repeal of Bill Clinton’s DOMA and the passage of ENDA, which has been ignored by Democrats for 15 years. Or, even better, many activists are supporting a comprehensive, inclusive Civil Rights Amendment to the Constitution guaranteeing equality in employment, housing and public accommodations, providing for harsh fines and jail time for offenders, especially religious cults and making it easy to sue bigots, racists and misogynists for compensation. “

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