From a usual suspect:

In honor of our marriage equality victory in New York, and our ongoing fight for equality nationwide, Joe and I have partnered with the “Don’t Panic!” t-shirt company to offer you AMERICAblog’s very own marriage equality t-shirt collection – all shirts are only $19.99, and they’re top quality.

Don’t Panic! has agreed to donate a large portion of the proceeds of the sale of each shirt to AMERICAblog.

We’ve decided to go with the “evolution” theme since, as you know, Joe Sudbay asked the President about marriage equality last October and got the now famous reply, “attitudes evolve, including mine.”  


It’s so tiresome to always have all of the posts on blogs everywhere always be “But what about me!??!  What about gay marriage!?!?!  Why won’t President Obama flush his presidency away and ejaculate all of his political capital on gay marriage!?!?!” all the time.  It’s become so bad that me and my dogs have started a running bet now about whether or not the outrage will start within 15 minutes of anyone who works for the Obama Administration in any capacity saying anything about any subject.

I, for one, am running out of puppy treats.

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