Because if There’s One Thing that Houston Really, Really, Really, Really Needs, Its More Right-Wing Radio

From the Houston Chronk:

Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard, the longtime hosts of KTRH’s (740 AM) morning newscast, will be replaced Tuesday by new morning talk host Matt Patrick, who has hosted shows in Indiana and Ohio for more than 30 years, with former Denver talk show host Lois Melkonian as the show’s news reader.

Hughes and Pritchard, who have worked together at the station for 27 years and are members of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, were informed of the changes after their morning shifts. Thursday was their last day on the air, and Houston‘s Morning News with Matt Patrick will debut Tuesday at 5 a.m.

Typical local radio musical chairs, you say?

Eddie Martiny, general manager for Clear Channel Communication’s Houston stations, acknowledged that the departure of Hughes and Pritchard marks the end of a traditional morning news show on KTRH, Houston’s longtime news-talk market leader, and the beginning of what he hopes will be a show more similar to the Fox and Friends show on Fox News.

Ah yes…

A real news program replaced with radio version of fact-free Steve Doocy, fact-freer Gretchen Carlson and the mostest-fact-free-est of all, Brian Kilmeade….

So much for broadcast radio stations having to operate in the public interest, eh?

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