Laugh of the Day…Maybe of the Week

A comment at the Telegraph about a news item indicating that Rupert Murdoch’s Continuing Criminal Enterprise may finally gay [er…typo – Ack!] get yanked into the U.S. legal system – perhaps at the behest of Sen. Jay Rockefeller:

Everyone here in the US knows that this Senator Rockefeller is a giant hypocrite and arch-leftist who has never had a real job in his life and lived off his oil inheritance.  Many of us despise him.

Anyone willing to wager a shitload of cash that “walter12” has no problem with professional politicians who have “never had a real job” in their lives and simply lived off of an “oil inheritance” so long as they are right-wing corporatists named Bush?

Something tells me that he luvs him some Quayle and Cheney too.

3 Responses to Laugh of the Day…Maybe of the Week

  1. Think there’s a typo there. I don’t think Sen. Rockefeller has ‘gay yanked’ anything… at least, not that I know of. Also, the slang today… I’ll never follow it.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      So true 🙂

      Thanks for catching that.

      • No problem. Long day of arguing with someone who said VRR should sue me for libel, since I call them a trans misogynistic hate site and then thanked me for the “excellent articles” on the aforementioned site that I linked as proof… I needed a moment where I could be an immature kid for a second.

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